ACT Center - Asia Culture Center (ACC)

Gwangju, South Korea


  • 38, Munhwajeondang-ro
  • Dong-gu
  • Gwangju 501-180
  • South Korea


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ACT Center is a new transdisciplinary institution that puts Gwangju, South Korea, at the forefront of global art, design, and culture dialogue. Launching with a major festival and exhibition in November 2015, ACT Center will commence a dynamic year-round program of activities that brings together leading Asian and international talents to share, collaborate, and inspire.

By offering a platform for artists, designers, engineers, and researchers to develop forward-thinking ideas, ACT Center aims to become a multicultural interface that fosters knowledge and skill exchange between creatives in Asia and the rest of the world.

One of the primary initiatives of the ACT Center is the “Transmedia Lab,” which disseminates cutting edge research and is a breeding ground for new work in media arts, interaction design, engineering, and digital fabrication. ACT Center will further continue to research, produce, exhibit and distribute innovative contents and artworks that demonstrate the creative use of emerging technology, cultural diversity and traditions of Asia.

ACT Center is part of Asian Culture Center (ACC) that is one of the major cultural initiatives of the Korean Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism. Located on the site of the former provincial government building in Gwangju, ACC hosts several institutions and facilities that include the ACT Center, the Research Institute for Asian Culture, Library &  Archive, Theaters, Exhibition Halls, Center for Children, and the May 18 Memorial.