AA29 Project Room

Milan, Italy


  • Piazza Caiazzo, 3
  • Milan
  • Lombardy
  • 20124
  • Italy

Opening times

Thursdays and Fridays, 12-7pm, or by appointment.


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aA29 Project Room takes its name from the small asteroid 2002 AA29 co-orbiting with the Earth. It has been theorised that aA29 may have formed from the collision between Earth and Theia, the planet which, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with the Earth, then conforming the Moon.
aA29 is made up of three Project Rooms in the heart of the cities of Milan, Caserta and Prague.
All three are  multi-functional places of participation receptive to interdisciplinary dialogues. They have been conceived to promote the most diverse forms of contemporary experimentation, also including site-specific projects and residences.
aA29 aims to promote those artistic practices that through their research  explore reality investigating new possibilities for action and interaction with the other: human, animal and environmental. In this way, commitment and  responsibility become  fundamental, activating  systems of relationships between daily experience and that what is infinitely different.

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