Cultural Organisation

A Show




A Show is a platform for showcasing the work of artists who have never attended art school or received institutional training. We think that a lack of access to materials, studio space and teaching shouldn't be a barrier to creation. We will curate exhibitions where self-taught artists can display their work in real physical space and have it seen and appreciated by the outside world.

Our objective for these exhibitions is to give self-taught creatives the drive to keep doing their thing. Making art and getting it out into the world is a challenge, particularly without the support structure of an institution, which is why we hope to create a support structure of our own. We hope to create a community of artists who can share ideas and resources, enabling them to grow, flourish and continue to create.

A huge problem with exhibitions and gallery spaces is their eilitism. We hope that A Show’s exhibitions will attract a wide array of people and be a welcoming space for all. We are not aiming at any specific demographic, but we want to counteract artistic elitism and create a space that is inclusive. Some of our artists have not finished secondary school/high school, or they were not allowed to attend art school because their parents wanted them to follow a more traditional career path. Because of this, our artists and audiences are likely to be more diverse and different to audiences who typically fill gallery spaces. We hope to challenge what the world knows about an exhibition space, and work towards a more inclusive gallery experience.