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PRESS RELEASE   : 9.08.19


‘OUSIDE INNER SPACE’  : exhibition of new Sculpture and suspended                                                                                                           installation 




PV        :  Thursday 22nd August  6.0-9.0 pm  


Open    : 23-26 August 2019. 10am-6pm        All Bank holiday w-e


Venue   : 2 Bedford St. Stroud GL5 1AE



Following on from the success of  “Hand Tools Matter” and subsequent  “Déjà Vu?” exhibitions last year, Paul Grellier will be presenting new work under the title “Outside Inner Space”.

Best known for his salvaged agricultural steel constructions and kinetic suspensions, Grellier continues his recent explorations in carved stone, creating fossil-like reliefs of tools and other objects, which are at once serenely beautiful and unnervingly mysterious at the same time. 

An apparently solid mechanic’s wrench floats on slate like an astronaut lost in space… a saw blade’s impression in a crustaceous limestone slab resembles  a prehistoric sea creature’s jagged jaw bone…

Ever fascinated by the very nature of Existence itself and the human condition in general, Paul draws from the primeval using slate, marble granite and limestone with references to primitive art, evolution and technological change as embodied by the hand tool ‘shadows’ he carves into rock.

“ I  find myself increasingly  drawn to our ancient past, whilst assuming that our future somehow  inevitably involves an existence beyond this planet”.... “My practice as an artist is essentially a response to this inner quandary, and the physical process  to express this .”

 In addition to the ongoing series of wall-based stone reliefs and small sculptures, Grellier will also be installing a fi-sci suspension of space junk, adding further dimension to the exhibition’s theme.

2 Bedford St. whilst not a gallery as such, is a Victorian brick and stone  building and shop front originally serving as a bottled drinks merchants warehouse. Its curious internal steel structure and light industrial character provides an ideal setting for Grellier’s sculptures and the suspension of steel he is going to instal.


The artist will be present over these four days and works will be for sale, but as ever, Grellier greatly values the interaction with the public and his stimulating exhibitions never fail to draw interest from a wide variety of visitors. 


“Outside Inner Space”  promises to be an evocative attraction for all, over the last Summer bank holiday weekend. 




For more details, images or to arrange for an interview, please contact Paul by phone or email.

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