Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

09 Jun 2017

by Drucilla Burrell

Since 1977, the internationally orientated Skulptur Projekte Münster has been taking place at regular ten year intervals. This year, it returns with a stunning selection of artists, installations and workshops in Münster. 

Here’s our handy guide of what to see, experience, watch and do while there.

Cosmic Generator (working title) | Mika Rottenberg

Not to be missed is Mika Rottenberg’s surreal film installations ‘Cosmic Generator (working title)’. Her pieces examine the relationship between the body, work and production processes while also addressing such themes as global value-added chains, production in low-wage countries and precarious working conditions.

12v | Aram Bartholl

Wander to Transmission Tower to experience the installations and performances of artist Aram Bartholl. The artist’s three sculptures in Münster are based on thermoelectric devices that transform fire—mankind’s earliest means of communication—directly into electrical energy.

Laboratory Life | Andreas Bunte

Spread across three different sites ‘Laboratory Life’ allows you to access a series of short films by artist Andreas Bunte via QR codes. Viewers are invited to explore the stages of everyday activities in laboratory-type settings from the film locations.

Harsh Citation, Harsh Pastoral, Harsh Münster | Ei Arakawa

In the meadow in front of Haus Kump you will find the work of Ei Arakawa. Arakawa has chosen this outside location as a stage for a group of seven coarsely screened handmade LED panels referencing paintings by various artists.

Burn the Formwork | Oscar Tuazon

Oscar Tuazon is well known for his exploration of exhibition contexts and the nature of temporary outdoor structures. Visit the abandoned industrial site on the canal to see his most recent piece, a cylindrical concrete object that serves as a public fireplace, barbecue grill, outdoor heater and lookout tower.

Not Quite Under_Ground | Michael Smith

Michael Smith’s installation - a tattoo studio offering discounts to senior citizens (65+) - interweaves the themes of age, the youth cult, trends and role models with cultural tourism. If you look closely while out and about in Münster, a trailer shown at info points and on bus tours of the city advertises the studio.

Provisional Studies: Workshop #7 How to Live Together and Sharing the Unknown | Koki Tanaka

Crises and the temporary communities that form around them are the basis of Tanaka’s workshop ‘How to Live Together and Sharing the Unknown’. He invited eight Münster citizens of different origins to take part in workshops revolving around the question ‘How to live together over a ten-day period?’ Prepare to feel unsettled!

Pointing Their Fingers at an Unidentified Event Out of Frame | Nora Schultz

Enter the prestigious foyer of the LWL-Museum and you may well find people ‘Pointing Their Fingers at an Unidentified Event Out of Frame’, a work by Nora Schultz. Her multimedia intertvention makes use of everyday materials, language, writing systems and cultural shifts to explore the space.

Cosima von Bonin+Tom Burr: Benz Bonin Burr

No one yet knows the outcome of this collaboration between Cosima von Bonin and American sculptor, Tom Burr. In a provocative gesture, Cosima von Bonin intends to install an articulated lorry with a flatbed trailer, purportedly in readiness to transport art. While Tom Burr intends to make a sculpture in the shape of transportation crate, which will be placed on the flatbed trailer drawing attention to the effectiveness of public space sculpture.

Speak to the Earth and It Will Tell You | Jeremy Deller

It’s been ten years since artist Jeremy Deller asked the fifty allotment garden associations to keep diaries on everyday life and activities in their garden communities. Approximately thirty-three of these books are on display in one of the allotment gardens for the culmination of this labour of love.

Drucilla Burrell is a London-based fine art photographer and writer. Follow Drucilla on Instagram or visit her website

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