Art/Marbella. 'A boutique fair of outstanding quality'

24 Jul 2015

Art/Marbella is the first major international art fair in the Costa del Sol.

A hot spot of the European Summer with beaches, parties and shopping opportunities is about to become a meeting point for the contemporary art world, and a crossroads - aesthetically and conceptually - between Europe and the Middle East. Art/Marbella’s curatorial team and host committee are focused on making the fair a premiere stop in the international cultural calendar. 

ArtRabbit caught up with founder and director of the fair, Alejandro Zaia.

ArtRabbit Art/Marbella is the first major international art fair in the Costa del Sol. What can visitors to the fair expect? What would you like them to take away from this experience?

Alejandro Zaia Indeed it is the first major international art fair in the Costa del Sol. Our visitors can expect a boutique fair of outstanding quality, with a careful selection of art works and an intense collectors programme that takes advantage of the unique features of the city of Marbella.

AR Marbella, a hot spot of the European Summer with beaches, parties and shopping opportunities, is a surprising choice for the setting of an art fair. What was the motivation behind establishing a summer fair in Marbella? And can you discuss how the environment will affect the mood and content of the fair?

AZ It should not come as a surprise! Marbella, and the entire Costa del Sol (from Sotogrande to Malaga), concentrates a large number of art lovers and collectors who are attracted to a world class art event, as well as the culturally aware general public. A large number of prestigious international collectors have already committed to Art Marbella’s Collectors Programme. I think the art world can be very stereotypical; why should art be appreciated and acquired only during Fall and Winter?

AR Fair point. You and your team are focused on making Art/Marbella a premiere stop in the international cultural calendar. How do you intend to do this?

AZ With professionalism, expertise, passion and fun, the only way to do this kind of event. We envision Art/Marbella in a few years becoming a mandatory stop in the European Summer for the culturally inclined. For this to happen, we need to have a very strong first and second editions. That is our focus, and we are very excited about the strength and quality of the galleries that are coming to the first edition.

AR The curatorial committee includes Omar López-Chahoud, founder and director of the Miami art fair UNTITLED, and María Chiara Valacchi, director of Milan's non-profit Spazio Cabinet. What do they each bring to the fair?

AZ It is not just them, but also Neri Torcello, Bruno Leitao and Aura Seikkula. All of the curators bring world class content, insight and knowledge to the fair. It is a committee that generates great ideas, and I am very happy with the results.

AR Can you highlight a couple of works that will be exhibited at the fair?

AZ We will have a featured master: the French artist Nicholas Schoffer, the pioneer of the cybernetic art. Also, we are preparing a solo show from an extraordinary photographer, Dionisio Gonzalez. On the other hand, visitors will find works from artists ranging from Magritte or Oteiza or Richard Serra, to very young promises like Manuel Franquelo, or wonderful mid career artists like Juan Luis Moraza or Sofía Taboas. These are just some names. We will have more than 500 artist featured in Art Marbella, and I don’t want to be unfair to any, or forget names.

AR Thank you for your time!

About Alejandro Zaia
Alejandro Zaia has a background in communications, public affairs and advocacy in both the private and the political sector. He was the co-founder of PINTA New York (2007) and PINTA London (2010); he manages the MUNDUS NOVUS Collection, a collection of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Art; and is part of The International Board of MOLAA, Museum of Latin American Art, and The Art Museum for Private Collectors of Americas, a non-profit organisation based in Miami, Florida. He currently lives in Madrid.


Art/Marbella, 30 Jul - 3 Aug
Marbella, Spain

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