6 Dec 2014 – 24 Jan 2015


Sankt Gallen
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland



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The photographer Ueli Alder stylized in his paintings as a storyteller. "Once upon a time," the name of his third solo exhibition at Galerie Paul Hafner. Impressive is Alders dealing with old photo techniques. "Longhorn" means a photograph, a Kallitype on inkjet paper. Browse these animals with their huge horns really in the meadows before Alpsteingebirge? And why remember the mountains in the background on the work "White Springs" with little hut in the American prairie to the Säntis? Ueli Alder, a native of Urnäsch, drives a technically fine intimate play with reality and fiction. Here fits together, do not belong together. Impressions of America and views of the Alpstein. Apparently Ueli Alder have the impressions of a US-stay (he was from 2010 to 2012 at a postgraduate Photography in Chicago) very busy. He mounted these impressions with the memory of the little home Appenzell.Broken reality platinum-Print, Baryta print, cyanotype, pigment print - Ueli Alder using old photographing and developing techniques and so shifted his stories in a time long past. As the artist shows himself as a teacher in an old school or on silent small portraits, as if he would leaf through an album of pictures of his ancestors. Behind the sometimes broken with a hidden joke reality is an artist who primarily with technical dodgy photo -Kunstwerken comes up and drives an exact match with pattern blends and image structures. Ueli Alder is the third time with a solo exhibition at the Galerie Paul Hafner present and convinced emitting in the peace and quiet, sometimes a museum acting work with an original contribution to the subject of landscape photography and self-portrait. Much of what acts historically documenting at first glance, is in fact a clever game with interwoven stories with current and remembered. From an old dug archive the two works "Compagnie appear in 1861," and yet they are as unique on baryta print actual images of this year's Biedermeier Festival in Heiden. Staged Reality The arrest in his own little world, the origin and the view of the artist in the great wide world. May be that the Ueli Alder, who has received a grant from the International Lake Constance Conference this year, when nearly two-faced their own experience. In one picture he shows himself as well as a pair of brothers. Revealing for the whole exhibition is the great start showing the artist in his Chicago apartment. With the great known as Marlboro advertising background you can see Alder with a faraway look and slightly out of focus as read rags - image of an artist in a staged new reality. And - almost shamefully hidden - one discovers in the background the flag of Appenzell Ausserrhoden Appenzell and a waistcoat dress. The prominent Alpsteingebirge and the wide horizon of the world around him - in this tension has Ueli Alder move with surprising imagery. And that the imposing Säntis not that is what he seems to be on a seemingly documentary photo, you realize the second look: This Santis has no tower and no cable car building on the summit.Preisser Martin St. Galler Tagblatt | December 13 2014


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