The Dream Society

17 May 2024 – 26 May 2024

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Berlin, Germany


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The Dream Society is proposed as a space and a practice that attempts to reclaim the function of sleep and dreaming as a vital resource of human experience, recovering its capacity to connect us with the domain of the immaterial, intuitive knowledge and expanded perception, among other things.


The Dream Society

Since ancient times, Dreams have occupied a prominent place in many different cultures and traditions: they linked the mortal and divine realms, healed the sick, predicted the future and were important sources of spiritual or divine messages that could reveal the structure of the cosmos.
In contemporary society the role of dreaming has shifted to almost none or just a little importance, however every single person can recall at least once in their life a remarkable dream experience: nightmares, recurrent dreams, encounters with the deceased, lucid dreams, premonitory dreams, etc.

According to studies, we spend one third of our lives asleep, and although science could not yet completely explain why we sleep and why we dream, it is known that sleeping and dreaming is crucial for our health, physiological restoration, emotional processes and psychological development in general. 

But what happens in our minds during all these hours? Where do we go when we sleep and during dreaming-sleep? How is it that when we are asleep in REM state and our bodies are immobile, an innumerable amount of sensory stimuli unfold before us and appear as real as in waking life? The fascination about these questions led us to the grounding of The Dream Society to explore together the infinite realm of experiences that take place during sleep.

We will be holding a group exhibition, a Collective Dream Incubation Ritual, while offering different practices and activities open to the public related to healthy sacred sleep.

The Dream Society is proposed as a space and a practice that attempts to reclaim the function of sleep and dreaming as a vital resource of human experience, recovering its capacity to connect us with the domain of the immaterial, intuitive knowledge and expanded perception, among other things.

Carla Bertone & Eli Cornejo



The Dream Society
Exhibition, practices and activities related to the topics of sleep and dreaming.

Works by
Carla Bertone, Eli Cornejo, Kalma, Zinu Kim, Emilia Kubacki, Aida Lalua, Luz Peuscovich

Activations by
Silan Derin, Rosario Diaz Roigt, Carina Goepfert, Azahara Gomez, Afonso Matos, Rocio Marano, Alicia Morán, Lea Kiefer, Carla Ortiz Rocha. 

Enkoimesis I & II
Collective Dreaming Incubation Ritual
Closed group guided by Eli Cornejo

Concept and curation by Eli Cornejo & Carla Bertone



ONGOING BLACK ROOM //  Nap to lucid dream meditation. Dr. Clare Johnson. 12 minutes. deepluciddreaming.com/

Friday 17th May
// Once Upon a Dream 7 - 9 pm
Reading performance with Alicia Morán,  Rosario Diaz Roigt and Afonso Matos

Bedtime stories: Where do they come from, and what feelings do they bring? Stories from different cultures, legends, poetry and lullabies will be part of a performance accompanied by the dreamy sound of harp.

 Saturday 18th May 
// See your Mind 3 - 4.30 pm
Tarot reading for dream interpretations, by Zinu Kim 

Visitors can ask questions and the artist will use Tarot cards to read their thoughts and provide answers. By reading the tarot card one can recognize one's own unconsciousness and interpret the symbols of dreams.

// Sci-Fi Anatomy Underwater world 5.30 - 7 pm
Workshop by Lea Kiefer 

A guided somatic trip where the content slides from anatomical references onto the slippery slope of science fiction with no holding back. This workshop  focuses on creating a dialogue between the matter of the body and the sea of our thoughts and imagination. Through movement, sounds and words. Working with casual epicness, craftsmanship of the body and magic. SFA narratives often manifest in a post-apocalyptic future somewhere in the deep sea of the universe.

Sunday 19th May  

// DIY Dream catcher  3 - 4 pm
Workshop for children and families by Azahara Gomez

Join us for a fun workshop where we'll make beautiful Dream Catchers to hunt those pesky nightmares and leave them behind, for only allowing the sweetest dreams to unfold. You'll create your Dream Catcher using branches,  feel free to bring your own stones and beads for a special touch!

// Conscious into Subconscious 5 - 6:30 pm
Guided journey through hypnosis by Carina Goepfert
A guided journey into your subconscious through hypnosis techniques to dive in dream-like worlds to enhance our fantasy. Kids are welcome!  

// Enkoimesis I 9 pm
Collective Dream Incubation Ritual

Closed group guided by Eli Cornejo

Inspired by the ancient Greek practice of dreaming Incubation, a ritual will be celebrated for recalling the power of our dreams in order to receive inspiration and guidance depending on our present situation. 

Friday 24th May

// Lucid Dreaming: a pathway to astral projection 5:30 pm
Online: Talk on Streaming by Carla  Ortiz Rocha
In this talk, Carla Ortiz Rocha will share about her personal experiences of waking up while dreaming and different techniques she uses to achieve this particular state of awareness. Also, how this practice allowed her to go further into astral projection and how this has led her in deep subconscious healing.

Saturday 25th May 

// Yawning as an eco-somatic practice 5 - 7 pm
Workshop by Rocio Marano // Registrations: image.lab.research@gmail.com

We will explore the borderland between rest and the subconscious by embracing yawning as an eco-somatic practice. Through kinesthetic awareness and gentle touch, we tap into the body's innate unwinding potential, fostering an empathic presence that may facilitate each other on a journey into altered states of consciousness reminiscent of dreaming.

// Enkoimesis II
Collective Dream Incubation Ritual 9 pm

Closed group guided by Eli Cornejo.

Sunday 26th May  

//  Breathwork & Hypnotic infusion circle 3 - 4 pm

Workshop by Silan Derin
Breathwork & Hypnotic infusion circles are about weaving and unweaving through certain techniques that allow us to dive into the unknown.

// Psychomagic: Rewrite your nightmares and embrace your dreams 5 - 6:30 pm

Workshop by Alicia Morán / Registrations image.lab.research@gmail.com
What is real? What do we dream or what do we live? So if both worlds are entwined, how can we talk to our unconscious to change our reality?

In this 1.30 hr workshop, we will talk through creative writing to our unconscious to leave in it what really does us good: we will rewrite our nightmares, we will transfer our dreams to life. We will remember that the power is ours: our narratives

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Eli Cornejo

Eli Cornejo

Carla Bertone


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