Supercontinent | 37th edition of Drodesera - Festival of Contemporary Art

21 Jul 2017 – 29 Jul 2017

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DRODESERA, the contemporary art festival currently at its 37th edition, titled Supercontinent, will take place from 21st to 29th July at Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento - Italy).


S U P E R C O N T I N E N T is an ecosystem ready to be explored. It articulates on a complexity that opens up on current subjects and necessities, highlighting the power of research based on means, on artistic practice, generating additions and subtractions; it is ultimately a direction, a sign pointing the audience towards new destinations.

DRODESERA, the contemporary art festival currently at its 37th edition, will take place from 21st to 29th July at Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento), which has been hosting the festival exclusively for last 17 years. The Art Work Space has sprang open its doors onto its artistic production, pursuing and fomenting its nature of multiform reality and its mission of presenting artistic and cultural biodiversity.

SUPERCONTINENT is the title chosen for this year’s edition, for a modern Pangaea sewn back together by new technologies and migratory routes, in symbiosis with a constantly mutating land. Tradition and innovation intertwine together in order to generate a balance based upon diversities.

The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award will launch the Festival this year, with its new productions investigating how art’s political identity is not only present in the critical thinking behind art making, but also applies to the active process itself. The Award, a platform dedicated solely to Performance Art, re-invigorates Centrale Fies with fresh ideas that twist the award system, transforming the selected winners and the panel of judges into an all-round curator panel comprehensive of a network useful to artists.

10 winning projects will be presented from 21s to 23rd July. The selection consists of – Alok Vaid-Menon, Claudia Pagès Rabal, Gaetano Cunsolo, Kent Chan, Lisa Vereetbrugghen, Madison Bycroft, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea, Urok Shirhan – with the presence of guest performers such as Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (“Orphic Exuberance Versus Solar Capitalism” | national premiere), Philipp Gehmacher (“walk+talk no. 22” | national premiere), Sarah Vanhee (“The Making of Justice”) e Mykki Blanco (“Concert”).

With the artists selected for the upcoming edition, the Festival focuses on ‘Art acting upon reality’ (as well as the other way around), not just as a profound nourishing, but also as a concrete act of public spirit. Each piece of work questions and negotiates the relationship between the artist and the audience and between art and reality, both in terms of themes and dynamics A musical revue documentary on social classes’ system - Thomas Bellinck / ROBIN (“Simple as ABC #2: Keep Calm & Validate” | national premiere); the study of body movement on border areas - Rima Najdi (“Think much. Cry much.” | national premiere); the writing process of a novel that traces spectators’ trajectories within the tales’ dimensions - Raafat Majzoub (“The Perfumed Garden: Hekmat, xx” | national premiere); outsiders’ voices channel into alleged amplifiers, which end up delivering silent bodies - Francesca Grilli (“The Forgetting of Air”); Globalization’s paranoia, characterized by its suspected profiles and cctv obsession - Michikazu Matsune (“Dance, if you want to enter my country!” | national premiere).

SUPERCONTINENT broadens theatrical and performative formats which are developed in specific times through different kind of practices; eventually, they are presented via canonic methods, but preserving their original journey - Numero23.Prod / Massimo Furlan & Cie LagunArte / Kristof Hiriart (“Hospitalités” | national premiere); it gives to the audience the opportunity to approach the artist’s unknown production - Alessandro Sciarroni (“41” | photographic exhibition), and showcases a performance at its 10th anniversary in the same venue where it came to life for the first time  - Alessandro Sciarroni feat. Chiara Bersani & Matteo Ramponi (“Your girl”); it leads the audience into a Syrian subterranean tale to be listened to laying on the ground - Tania El Khoury (“Gardens speak” | national debut).

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / SHONEN (“School of moon” | national premiere) choreographs a dance of robots and children on the pressing subject of post-human reality and its implications; it examines the perception of the body in a time dominated by technologies, the alterations in terms of loss and transformation of human beings. The dialogue between art, science and sport is also present in the work of Chiara Bersani | Marco D’Agostin (“Formazioni” | national premiere), conceived with the support of an astronomer and a teenage league team. Jacopo Jenna and Jacopo Miliani’s combination of dance and visual arts facilitates the deconstruction of a song – of a whole generation - that wants to go back to Nirvana (“Come as you are”). With the purpose of saving a piece from oblivion, Riccardo Giacconi and Andrea Morbio present a work featuring Giacomo Onofrio , the last puppeteer able to perform this 1930’s show (“Il vendicatore”).

Anthropomorphic creatures make their appearance in the performances of Marta Cuscunà (“Sorry, boys”), Riccardo Giacconi and Carolina Valencia Caicedo (“Occhiacci di legno” | national premiere), Pedro Reyes (“Baby Marx”). Embodied by traditional yet robotic vessels, they are not simply the material representation of the artists’ vision and talent, but they concretize into something “other”, something unexpected and autonomous of its own will.

SUPERCONTINENT, as a place, pushes you to mingle with its inhabitants, to immerge yourself into the deepest water and climb the highest peaks; it is a destination that demands recognition, to be gradually discovered. It is defined by a welcoming yet dangerous nature: welcoming due to the lack of boundaries, dangerous because unexpectedly disorienting.

The body spinning on its own axis delvelops into an emotional journey - Alessandro Sciarroni (“CHROMA_don’t be frightened of turning the page”); a ballet’s autopsy, traced by a path that induces to reflect on the relationship between narration and abstraction (“Sylphidarium”), and the interconnection of unlikely alchemies and modern rituals (“Uno scambio crudele” | national premiere) are both presented by CollettivO CineticO; the metaphoric and mysterious relation of art and illusionism by Roberto Fassone (“Untitled II”) and the work by OHT (“Project Mercury” | national premiere), inspired by Richard Sennett’s scientific research, are a combination of traditional artistic practices with the most up-to-date visions. Thus, theatre, dance and lecture performance become the perfect devices to demonstrate the research process behind their staging.

SUPERCONTINENT is a territory with no place for certainties, where studying what has already been written is not enough; something new will be built using new methodologies that will open new tracks and will reunite fields, artistic practices and sometimes even continents in a new Pangea.


art director Barbara Boninsegna – co.curator Filippo Andreatta

artists Alessandro Sciarroni (IT), Alessandro Sciarroni feat. Chiara Bersani & Matteo Ramponi (IT), Chiara Bersani | Marco D’Agostin (IT), CollettivO CineticO (IT), Shonen (FR), Francesca Grilli (IT), Jacopo Jenna (IT), Marta Cuscunà (IT), Michikazu Matsune (AT), Numero23.Prod / Massimo Furlan & Cie LagunArte / Kristof Hiriart (CH/FR), OHT (IT), Pedro Reyes (MX), Raafat Majzoub (LB), Riccardo Giacconi and Andrea Morbio in collaboration with Giacomo Onofrio (IT), Riccardo Giacconi and Carolina Valencia Caicedo (IT/CO), Rima Najdi (LB), Roberto Fassone (IT), Tania El Khoury (LB), Thomas Bellinck / ROBIN (DE/BE)

LIVE WORKS_Performance Act Award VOL.5

curators Barbara Boninsegna, Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Simone Frangi

guest performers Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (BR), Philipp Gehmacher (AT), Sarah Vanhee (BE), Mykki Blanco (US)

artists Alok Vaid-Menon (IN/US), Claudia Pagès Rabal (ES), Gaetano Cunsolo (IT), Kent Chan (SG),

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (BE), Madison Bycroft (AUS), Mercedes Azpilicueta (AR), Mohamed Abdelkarim (EG), Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (CL), Urok Shirhan (IQ/NL)

international board Lorenzo Benedetti, Vincent Honoré, Eva Neklyaeva, Manuel Segade, Christine Tohmé

Exhibiting artistsToggle

Mykki Blanco


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