23 Oct 2021 – 31 Oct 2021

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Villa Venino

Novate Milanese
Lombardy, Italy


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SKYLINE International Exhibition at Villa Venino Novate Milanese


Skyline, why?

We have reflected for a long time on the choice about the title for this exhibition which was to bring, today more than before, a perspective, an horizon, a profile, in fact, significant for our sight, in the difficult contemporaneity that we are crossing.

In these two years we have experienced the very strong discomfort due to the pandemic spread that has crossed the world, heavily altering the life of each of us. Our horizon was crossed by thick, dark, terrible clouds and only today, perhaps, we are reconstructing with great difficulty the rhythms of existence that we lived up to two years ago. Many people have changed, rediscovering the values ​​of sharing in the crisis and others have perhaps lost the humanity that we once thought they could have.

The artists, with their work, their visions, they have always tried to trace during this unusual time, the necessary moment of reflections in order to sustain its way. The artists who wanted to join our project felt with responsibility, in the forms of their work, the meaning of the proposed theme and from different areas of the world, they sent the result of their research. 

I would really like that the observer to repeat within himself, in the observation of what we wanted to propose here, the title of this exhibition: Skyline. I would like this word to become almost a small "obsession" for all those who will see these works, and then, I believe, it will be really clear, very clear, even reading the titles, which profile and expressive horizon the artist wanted to establish.

There are four themes touched upon in the exhibition: the profiles of the figure, the body, the architecture and the nature. However, the voyage inside Skyline did not take place on a timeline linked only to contemporaneity: not at all. The works of living artists have woven a dialogue with those of historical authors and thus, it will be possible to observe ancient drawings or paintings of the '900 capable of relating to photographs, engravings, drawings and paintings born in our time precisely to always remember that creation, in art, it is a complex road that starts from afar and that is always renewed in confrontation.

The presence of works by artists who are no longer living is a memory, a gesture of remembrance, a tribute to those who have left a sensitive mark, which must always be remembered, kept close to us.

Even the setting up of the exhibition reflects this vision, bringing close the works coming from different contexts but ready to give rise to a new dialogue, at times totally unexpected.

Drawings, paintings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, videos and digital prints they find here, in Skyline an open soil, wide, expressively involving and capable, in our opinion, able of questioning to the attentive observer.

We deeply believe in the fact that only through questions, the multiple interrogations, the thought can find the necessary strength to grow and develop.

Curators. Emanuele Gregolin, Pengpeng Wang 

Assistant Curators. Zheng Bing, Zhang Wenzheng

Critic. Diego Armando Vasso

Artists. Andrea Bertoletti, Angelo Cagnone, Antonio Bencich, Chen Qiwen, Chen Zifeng, Emma Ciardi, Eugene Berman, Filippo Papa, Fu Wenwei, Gaetano Pesce, Gian Rodolfo D’Accardi, Giandante X, Giuseppe Maria Ficatelli, Guo Qikai, Hu Xiaotong, Ivan Kurach, Jiang Mujun, Kim Hea Ja, Konggu Shanjian, Leon Zakrajšek, Li Chao, Lin Fangsuo, Lin Jing, Liu Mingfei, Liu Xuanzilin, Luciano Paccagnella Florio, Marco Raffaele, Massimo Orsini, Mattia Barbalaco, Mirko Gualerzi, Ou Wenting, Pang Hao, Paul Manes, Sergio Dangelo, Shen Jingdong, Shen Ziheng, Tommaso Chiappa, Xu Yuting, Xu Zehui, Zhang Luotian

Manifest Data Lab. Tom Corby / Gavin Baily / Jonathan Mackenzie / Louise Sime / Giles Lane / Erin Dickson / George Roussos (The project is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council)

Exhibition date.

Opening event.

17 - 21 h, 11 September 2021

Via Aosta 17, 20155 Milano MI

17 - 20 h, 23 October 2021

Largo Padre Ambrogio Fumagalli, 5, 20026 Novate Milanese MI





Emanuele Gregolin

Zhang Wenzheng

Pengpeng Wang

Pengpeng Wang

Zheng Bing

Exhibiting artists

Massimo Orsini

Zhang Luotian

Chen Qiwen

Antonio Bencich

Eugene Berman

Jiang Mujun

Li Chao

Giuseppe Maria Ficatelli

Liu Mingfei

Shen Ziheng

Gavin Baily

Paul Manes

Leon Zakrajšek

Giandante X

Luciano Paccagnella Florio

Lin Jing

Mirko Gualerzi

Xu Zehui

Pang Hao

Tommaso Chiappa

Shen Jingdong

Liu Xuanzilin

Giles Lane

Xu Yuting

Chen Zifeng

Lin Fangsuo

Angelo Cagnone

Kim Hea Ja

Erin Dickson

Mattia Barbalaco

Ivan Kurach

Louise Sime

Fu Wenwei

Hu Xiaotong

Konggu Shanjian

Emma Ciardi

Gian Rodolfo D’Accardi

Ou Wenting

Gaetano Pesce

Sergio Dangelo

Guo Qikai

Marco Raffaele

Jonathan Mackenzie

Tom Corby

Andrea Bertoletti

Filippo Papa


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