'On Spiritualism'

2 May 2012 – 10 May 2012

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Apiary Studios

London, United Kingdom


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'On Spiritualism' exhibition / events


'On Spiritualism' Swedenborg, Spirit and Art 2/3 MAY 2012 curated by Kevin Quigley Swedenborg said that all life has correspondence between spiritual and natural things and these are extended to all objects in the physical world. "Light corresponds to wisdom because wisdom enlightens the mind as light enlightens the eye. Warmth corresponds to love because love warms the mind as heat does the body" .......but SPIRIT is a questionable 'thing' / the invisible in-between / the quantum strata / the creativity force / divination / divine guidance / essence of life / punch drunk / omnipresent being / nothingness..... On Spiritualism exhibit and series of events doesn't set out give an definition to what is SPIRIT - but rather wants to open up a dialogue to question the idea of Spirit and Spiritualism. Our diverse group of artists / speakers / performers have a wide range of analytical self-reflective approaches to SPIRITUALISM; they have produced works / ideas and expressions within in the metaphysical / anthropological / philosophical / analytical / anthroposophical approaches - all these approaches do hold a common bond where they are looking at the profound idea and thoughts of the identity of self, reality and the world around us. ...the thoughts of Evelyn Underhill who wrote in her in-depth book and study on Mysticism : - "....that strange unknown world from on this hypothesis, we are hermetically sealed but we should interpret differently - We should perhaps be less contemptuous of those mystics who tell us that they apprehended the Absolute as 'heavenly music' .....that bird song would then strike our retina as a pageant of color; we should see the magical tones of the wind; hear as a great fugue the repeated and harmonized greens of the forest, the cadences of stormy skies...Did we realize how slight an adjustment of our organs is needed to initiate us into such a world..." 'On Spiritualism' @ Apiary Studios 3 May 2012 exhibition/live performances www.apiarystudios.org 6pm - 9pm EXHIBITION artists exhibiting - CALUM F. KERR - VOGELFORD - KEVIN QUIGLEY - MARTIN SEXTON MARIANNE WALKER - NICHOLAS JOHNSON - SARAH SPARKES LIVE PERFORMANCES SUNDAY MOURNING Sunday Mourning play a dry-fried blend of primitive rock, doom, dark ambient drones - at their core they are a two piece composed of Sanna Charles and Mark Wagner though they are an ever shifting beast incorporating different bands, players and collaboraters as they go. For this special one-off performance they will be joined by photographer Marko Righo to create their own theatrical take on the ancient art of shadow theater. "If you have ghosts - Than you have everything" Roky Erickson sundaymourningcomingdown.tumblr.com www.markorigho.com http://markwagnermusic.blogspot.com HEALING ARTS: Invites the audience into a one-to-one performance with artist and Reiki practitioner, Deirdre McLaughlin, to experience a Reiki treatment and reflect on the possibilities to heal all levels of our being: physical, mental and spiritual. This work seeks to explore art as a healing force and promote a genuine connection between the artist and the audience through an exchange of words and healing energy. AFTER KANDINSKY: Spirit vision and art @ Treadwells Bookshop 3 May 2012 symposium www.treadwells-london.com 12pm - 1pm a talk lead by artist Kevin Quigley along with a series of artists and performers from 'On Spiritualism' exhibition and events. We will look at and discuss the continued history with artists working within different aspects in relation to creativity and spiritualism. We will be focus on comments and ideas from Wassily Kandinsky and the Blue Rider Group and Andre Breton's esoteric statements and approaches to art set out in his surrealist manifestos. 'Traversing the Spirit' @ Apiary Studios 2 May 2012 liveart performance 7pm - 9pm £4 donation on the door BJORN HATLESKOG - WARREN CONLON GRAHAM DUNNING - JANE MUNRO - REBECCA BROGUE KEVIN QUIGLEY - CALUM F KERR According to Robert Fludd in his 'Utriusque Cosmic Historia, II' "Man is a whole world of its own, called microcosm for it displays a miniature pattern of all the parts of the universe. Thus the head is related to the Empyreal, the chest to the ethereal heaven and the belly to the elementary substance." Two features that particularly resonated with early spiritualists like Emanuel Swedenborg or Franz Mesmer is first, that there is not a single hell and a single heaven but rather a series of higher and lower heavens and hells; second, that spirits are intermediates between God and humans, so that the Divine sometimes uses them as a means of communication. TRAVERSING THE SPIRIT is a live art performance where we will take you on a journey through the realms of the spirit like DANTE before - through INFERNO / PURGATORIO / PARADISO Come with us as we scale the spiritual heights and depths of the internal worlds of the soul. TRAVERSING THE SPIRIT is a liveart platform that uniquely brings together a series of performance artists and musicians, who are paired off to unfold each spirit realm.


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