Mid-Summer Night's Dream

17 Jun 2017 – 22 Aug 2017

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

New York
New York, United States


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Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to show leading Contemporary Master Artists, whose work explores the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form.


This special “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” Extravaganza exhibition, highlighted by the Gala Champagne Reception on Saturday, June 24th at our Ground Floor Gallery, offers a magical tribute which will enchant the senses of both art acquisitiors and art aficionados alike. Reflecting a masterful incandescent renewal and hypnotic regeneration of the visual realm, these acclaimed international masters define the cultural pulse of the modern art world. Illuminating with symphonic synchronicity, these talented artists translate abstract thoughts and familiar scenes into a unique perspective, orchestrated by bravura of brushstrokes accompanied by kaleidoscopic hues. Pulsating with dynamic synergy and expressive artistic creativity, these artists render a visual lexicon of sophisticated, eclectic and often joyful representations of the world as they shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language, creating dazzling panoramas of visual delight that are infused with a divine creative spirit.

SPECTRAL CELEBRATIONS is a prismatic portal to nature which showcases unique masters from the U.S. and Norway whose individualistic lexicon of illuminated hues and masterful brushstrokes culminate in visually rich and carefully orchestrated contemporary expressionistic reinterpretations of classically inspired perceptions of nature. Dancing with radiant light and orchestrated with luscious color, these enchanted still life, floral and landscape works luminously echo the timelessness and beauty of our world. Demonstrating an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and spirit of the natural realm with gorgeous depictions of pastoral vistas, these lush compositions transport the viewer to idyllic locations through vivid color palettes and tantalizing textures. Offering a voluptuous symphony of line and color, Norwegian artist AASE BIRKHAUG captures the essence of a classical still-life floral painting and transforms her rose inspired compositions into a re-imagined and extraordinarily compelling image. ANN GORES translates her deep appreciation for Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art by juxtaposing a unique interplay between movement, color, and perspective that veers her floral still life oeuvre into masterful realism. ADRIENNE KYROS translates the juvenescence and glory of nature in her illuminated majestic landscape and still life compositions, which create an enchanted paradise on earth through the transcendence of color, and become metaphors for the bounty of the terrestrial kingdom.  

DREAMS of the LABYRINTH is a compelling exhibition of paintings which magically unites an invigorated modern perspective with an expressionistic global vision, resulting in a remarkable visual dialogue of dazzling color, texture and form. Through innovative visual metaphors, visceral brushstrokes, energizing spectral color planes and captivating compositional structured forms, these gifted artists inventively display their ability to translate the power of the universe and the human imagination. Contemporary California painter DIANE HOLLAND integrates the essence of food items into her new geometric series. Experimenting with optics, Ms. Holland challenges the viewer to discern the alteration of a color based on the proximity of its contrasting tones. Offering a parallax vision of nature, ANNA FRANKLIN's chromatic compositions envelope viewers with voluminous gem-colored forms that delicately ascend her abstract compositions through layered brushwork and textured application. Contemporary Chinese artist XINGYA YANG has taken on the challenge of projecting our soul’s eternal perceptual connectivity to his canvases as he treats his paintings with inherent artistic instinct, where the forces of color and light interact magically to accomplish visually complex and highly texturized compositions.

LIGHT from HEAVEN & EARTH showcases international artists from China, United Kingdom and the U.S. whose diverse media include photography, paintings and glass wall-reliefs. Their chimerical compositions encourage us to appreciate the global wonders of the world with an alluring synthesis of modernity as they whisk the audience on a magic odyssey to exotic realms of the imagination. Celebrating the mysterious and the fantastical, they unveil an elixir syntax and transport us to a celestial fantasy world of the eye which reverberates with a spellbinding rendering. Each of these masterful artists expresses the magnificence of the sensorial realm with luminescent gestural symbolic compositions which take us on a visual odyssey of the human condition. Chinese photographer APP's visionary art expands the boundaries of photography as he creates invisible dimensions of reality and reinterprets them into otherworldly vortexes of forms and figures. Drawing influence from his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, MARK JAMES FORD's ethereal compositions highlight dream-like qualities offered by the pure, digital manipulation used to perfect each of his photographs. Abstract Realist JUDITH GALE MONT's abstract oceanographic paintings illustrate the beauty of marine life and its infinite intricacies. Inspired by the molluscan shell’s manifold colors, patterns, and textures, Ms. Mont transforms the visual principles of the shell into high-energy, chromatically dramatic, mixed-media oceanic panoramas. Sculptor and architect HASNA SAL’s transluminescent glass masterpieces translate her architectural education into imaginative compositions that incorporate architectural design, floral aspects from nature, and LED back lights as she explores the endless possibilities of working in glass.

KALEIDOSCOPIC FANTASIES reflects the diverse talent of three skillful artists hailing from Venezuela, Pakistan and the U.S, who offer a tantalizing, global perspective of the universe. By echoing the visual, they masterfully integrate artistic vocabularies with permeated color and light, while exploring life’s journey through a visceral iconography. Their matrix of style captures the innate complexities of the human condition, translating the intangible into the visual realm as they transform visual sensations info expressive forms, offering perceptual twists while rejuvenating the optical senses with newfound aesthetic configurations. Venezuelan artist TOYO ANGEL CONTIN's art is an amalgam of line and form with an atmospheric use of color in an inspired abstracted environment, revealing multiple layers of human emotion. Often representing the more haunting and turbulent side of nature, his oil on canvas oeuvre is inspired by the metropolis of the mind, reflecting a powerful vision of contemporary society. NICK KACIC-MIOSIC strives to infuse a complex web of cubist influence and artistic intuition into his figurative sculptures as he presents a contemporary vision of the human silhouette within a multidimensional space. Pakistani artist NARGIS KHALID celebrates the chromatic complexity and profundity of nature as she orchestrates an amalgam of figurative, floral, and abstract themes into her oeuvre to reveal the acuity of sensation juxtaposed with the delicacy of sensibility. 

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