Luxor International Conference on Art and Architecture (LIVAF) / مؤتمر الأقصر الدولي للفنون والعمارة

1 Mar 2018 – 4 Mar 2018

Cost of entry

رسوم الاشتراك بالمؤتمر لحاملي الجنسية المصرية
الباحث الرئيسي بدون الحضور 1500 ج.م.
المشاركة ببحث بالحضور 2500 ج.م.
مستمع 1800 ج.م.
مرافق 1800 ج.م.
طلاب بدون تقديم أبحاث 1500 ج.م.
Type of Participation Conference Fees
Non-attending main author $200
Attending main author $300
Students (no paper submission) $150

Art from people to people

Luxor Governorate, Egypt


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Role of Gender and its Impact on Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art
The term “Gender,”


with its modern definition, initially spread among Feminist movements since the 1980s. It has been subsequently circulated in several international forums, including the Population and Development Conference held in Cairo in 1994.

 (WHO) defines gender roles as “socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.”

In terms of visual expression, it is associated throughout history with the knowledge that form through the continuous dialogue between man and the nature in which he lives and experience phenomena that have either positive or negative impact on man’s life. This dialogue, with the constant human desire to reveal hidden causes that lie beyond the apparent phenomenon, produced a steadily-developing knowledge of man himself and his quo within his environment. One of the paths of this form of knowledge is the issue of sexual differentiation and the associated human activities that are essential to the reproduction of life itself. There are also further associated activities and motivations that have existed throughout subsequent ages of the intellectual history, which develop values ​​and rules that are made by man to preserve and control human societies.

One of the most important aspects of Gender issues is the relationship between men and women and the role of each in life and the extent of the common and different between the two sexes. This raised important questions throughout history related to gender. Based on answers to those questions is great political, economic and of course social developments.

There is no doubt that this issue created an important resonance in several types of art; poetry, literature, architecture, photography, sculpture and all forms of visual expression.

Accordingly, the aim of this conference is to discuss the subject of Gender in terms of scientific research on visual arts and the other associated multi-cultural perspectives on this subject. The conference aims at researchers and scholars in visual arts and other related fields, as follows:

Fields of Research

All fields of visual arts; painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, printmaking art, media arts, architecture design, interior architecture design, applied arts, etc. as well as other cross-disciplinary fields, including: art education, literature, cinema and theatre, poetry, sociology, psychology and philosophy.

Themes of the Conference

  • Gender roles and prehistoric art.
  • Gender role in the art of ancient civilizations: (painting - sculpture - architecture).
  • Gender role and the art of the Middle Ages: (sculpture, painting and the arts of the book).
  • The image of women in the art of ancient civilizations.
  • The image of women in contemporary visual arts (photography – painting - sculpture - media arts - performing arts; theater and cinema - and other forms of contemporary visual expression).
  • Gender role in Arab culture and its impact on the visual arts through the ages.
  • Gender role and their impact on old and modern architecture.
  • Psychological and physiological impact of gender roles on the output of creativity in the visual arts.
  • Gender role in criticism studies.
  • Gender roles in humanities.
  • Gender roles in clothing fashions.

الحقول البحثية

كافة مجالات الفنون البصرية، مثل: التصوير ، النحت ، الجرافيك ، الفوتوغرافيا ، الطبعة الفنية ، فنون الميديا media arts، التصميم والعمارة الداخلية interior design، فن الفيديوvideo art، والعمارة . بالإضافة إلى حقول مرتبطة كالنقد ، الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية، السينما والمسرح ، الفنون التطبيقية  ، التربية الفنية وعلوم التربية ، الفلسفة ، وعلم النفس  وغير ذلك من الحقول البحثية ذات الصلة.

محاور المؤتمر

قضايا النوع وفنون عصور ما قبل التاريخ.

قضايا النوع في فنون الحضارات القديمة: (التصوير – النحت – العمارة).

قضايا النوع وفنون العصور الوسطى: (النحت والتصوير وفنون الكتاب).

صورة المرأة في فنون الحضارات القديمة.

صورة المرأة في الفنون البصرية المعاصرة (التصوير – النحت – فنون الميديا – الفنون الأدائية؛ المسرح والسينما – وغير ذلك من أشكال التعبير البصري المعاصر).

قضايا النوع في الثقافة العربية وأثرها في الفنون البصرية عبر العصور.

قضايا النوع وتأثيرها على العمارة قديما وحديثا.

التأثير النفسي والفسيولوجي للنوع الاجتماعي على مخرجات الإبداع في الفنون البصرية.

إشكاليات النوع والتصميم الداخلي قديما وحديثا.

إشكاليات النوع في النقد.

إشكاليات النوع في العلوم الإنسانية.

إشكاليات النوع في فنون الازياء.

Online application /الاستمارة الالكترونية


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