János Brückner: Extreme Presence

8 Sep 2017 – 20 Oct 2017

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„I stage emptiness. I turn absence to presence. Default, dis-identified and inhuman emptiness. [...] I am looking for failures which are holes on the suspected texture of meanings that cover everything around us, through them we can look behind our own stereotypes and escape the ghetto of identity.”


János Brückner – Extreme Presence
curated by Péter Bencze
Institute of Contemporary Art - Dunaújváros
8 September – 20 October 2017

“For, as art enters life, the question that will motivate people far more than What is art? is the much more metaphysically relevant and pressing What is life?”
(Nato Thompson, Living as form)

Fear of missing out or FoMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social angst is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.
FOMO perpetuates the fear of having made the wrong decision on how to spend time, as “you can imagine how things could be different”.

„When I wanted to make a portrait of my mother, who I haven´t seen in more than five years – since she passed away – I first realized that making an image is nothing but an attempt to touch the surface of something or somebody invisible that exists no more. Touching leaves traces which are visible but untouchable. Therefore the image is a gate, a window between real and unreal. At once it is there and yet it is not there.
For some time now – more than five years – I try to paint as if I were a machine, an inkjet printer: I let images flow through me based on various systems and schemes. I also thought that in fact it doesn't even have to be me, making the images. Hence I gave large scale paint-by- number papers to the audience: if they are interested in the hidden image they can colour it.
And the audience likes to colour, because colouring is fun and we are all curious about what is hidden from our eyes.
When my friend Pepper Pepper had to go back to the USA I created life scale copies of his and my body too so that we could keep on dancing what we had started. But instead of dancing I had ideas of destruction and rave, disappearance and cessation. So instead of our bodies I used the copy of my own body. I am not authorized to execute these cruel actions with the copy of my friends body, I thought.” (János Brückner)

About the exhibition

Extreme Presence is an exhibition that shows absence and presence.
At this exhibition among others it gives expression to absence and presence:

  • self-representation of communities
  • the passage of time by trying to catch the actual, always dissapearing moment
  • parts about death
  • appearance of certain persons and memories
  • hiding, concealing, showing and unfolding
  • FOMO
  • including 132 participants
  • emptiness and oversaturation
  • music
  • a space for everyone to do whatever
  • images and replacements

About the works

The works of János Brückner exhibited at ICA-D are staging the personal and collective aspects of presence and absence. On the one hand because of the artist found it important to address interested local people at their own instute and offer a space for this at the exhibition as well; on the other hand because he thinks it
can give a liberating experience to face very intimate, personal topics in a museum situation.

About the artist

János Brückner graduated at the University of Fine Art Budapest in painting (2012) and at the Eötvös Lóránt University Budapest in language and literature (2011), he started studies in 2016 at the Universität der Künste Berlin at Art in Context postgraduate MA. He was research artist at the Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, Digital Media Departement, resident artist at FUTURA Contemporary Art Centre Prague (2013), studio das weisse haus, Wien (2015), MuseumsQuartier Wien (2015), Gallery Municipal, Lisboa (2016) and Accademia d’Ungheria, Roma (2017). Independent curatorial boards awarded his work by Ludwig
Foundation scholarship in 2011, K&H Bank scholarship in 2012, Derkovits scholarship in 2013, 2014, 2015, and Smohay Prize 2016.

In collaboration with

[people who colored the images of group self-representation by marking their own time]

Amdegha Ádám Mohamed, Balla Bea, Biber-Brücner Dominik, Bogdán Péter tűzoltó őrmester, Bognár Csongor, Bohnicsek Szilveszter, Bors Szabina, Csehi Fruzsina, Cseppen Alexa Hortenzia, Csernák Zoltán tűzoltó őrmester, Csontos Renára, Dualszky-Kovács Ágnes, Dualszky-Kovácsné Sánta Ágnes, Engyel László, Fábián Attila, Fábián Viktória, Fehérvári Eszter, Fogas Bettina, Foltin Máté, Gajzer Bálint, Gallai Hanna, Grabecz Bence, Gyolcsos Martin, Halász Mónika, Hamvai István, Harmatiné Pazaurek Rita, Hegedüs Anna, Horváth Mirkó tűzoltó őrmester, Horváth Rebeka Szilvia, Horváth Reni, Hovanyecz Dorka Lili, Járay Nikolett, Kardos Ferenc, Kaszás Éva, Káveczki Gábor, Kecskés Klára, Kiss Marcell, Kovács Judit, Kövessy Balázs, Krizsán Balázs, Krizsán Krisztina, Lénárt Vincze Botond, Ludik Bence Máté, Major Márton, Mák Luca, Markó Zsófia, Mártai Lili, Mészáros Endre tűzoltó őrmester, Miholics Árpád, Molnár Csaba, Molnár Szibylle, Móró Ákos, Mudri Gábor, Nagy Jázmin, Nagy Sándor, Nagy Sándor Márton, Németh Afrodité, Németh Dorina, Oláh Gabi, Orosz Csaba tűzoltó alezredes, Óvári Mária, Pál Margaréta, Pálfalvi-Táborosi Bálint tűzoltó őrmester, Pálhalmai Országos Büntetés-Végrehajtási Intézet Mélykúti Alegység, Patakfalvi-Vigh Kincső, Perjési Margit, Pintér Dezső, Pócsi Míra, Quispe-Cruz Viviana Leopolda, Radics Zoltán címzetes tűzoltó főtörzsőrmester, Ranga Petra, Sárai Henrietta, Schindler Éva, Selmeczi Attila tűzoltó őrmester, Seres Ferencné, Somogyi Vivien Anita, Szeibert Lóránt, Székely Zoltán tűzoltó százados, Szekeres Anna, Széphegyi Hanna, Szeri Szilvia, Szmodics Emese, Szűcs Krisztián, Tomanóczy Tibor, Tóth Gabriella, Turcsányi Fruzsina, Urbán Panka, Vachter János, Vajda Liliána Julianna, Varga Zsófia Zsanett, Véner Tamás, Zlock Anikó


Apey, Bajusz Orsolya, Balogh Máté, Band in the Pit, Bánkövi Gyula, Baráth Bálint, Bazsó Lászó (The Morning Star), Bélley Csaba, Csuhaj Barna Tibor, dalai dávid, dr. bzmg, FZsu, Janó Mihály, Kurucz Gergely, Lukács László (Barbeas), Márton Anna, Melyik Feri, Mia Harrison, Mike Nylons, Miki keveR, Miller Fate, Nagy Ákos, Oltai Kata, Pándi Balázs, Pedro Marum, Robert R. Hardy, T+U, Trapp Dominika, Várnai Gyula, Vé ügynök, wiig, Yvette Nett

Supported by
Dunaújváros Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata
French Institute - Budapest


Peter Bencze

Exhibiting artists

János Brückner


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