Intension (the concept ‘dog’ encapsulates its ‘dogness’)

1 Jun 2024 – 27 Jul 2024

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London, United Kingdom

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Larry Achiampong, Becky Beasley, Lucas Dupuy, Elsa James, Sophie Jung, Kristian Kragelund, Ty Locke, Narges Mohammadi, Paula Morison, David Rickard, Rebeca Romero, Alberta Whittle, Gabby R and El Bass of Project Art Works


Intension is a common misspelling of intention, but a beautiful one. Google it.

This is an exhibition about ability. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with artists, curators and colleagues who are truly exceptional. And also often truly dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, ADHD, face blind, the list goes on. For any problems it might cause them I believe that they couldn’t have achieved what they have without it.

Some of you have been reading my texts for ten years now. Yes, this is the ten year anniversary of Copperfield so this time it's personal. You might have noticed a few typos here and there that the spell checker does not catch, but to be honest it is only in the last years that I realised my mind simply doesn't work like other people's. It does a lot more than just make typos in exhibition titles.

If you are not neurodivergent you might not know a lot about it. Here are some things that might surprise you; among those in this show alone there are those who can persuade you of anything, those who can fully map a new city in their mind on the first visit, those who can focus not just for hours but for days, those who can 3D render in their minds, those for whom even numbers have a colour.

In spite of this, some of these people were called ‘stupid’ as children and have internalised it. It lives with them now even as they open museum solo shows to applause, give talks, answer press questions. In fact it is the heightened senses, the unusual thought patterns, the idiosyncrasies that give them the capabilities that have got them where they are today – but not everyone can take it. Many of them have spent years trying to work within a one size fits all framework, contorting to fit the mould.

From emerging artists to Turner Prize nominees, all of the artists in this exhibition celebrate the strengths they recognise in neurodiversity without sugar coating the hardships, but not everyone in this exhibition is neurodivergent. Afterall, no one likes to be put in a box so we haven’t made one.

If u lyke u cun also reed this press relees dislecsicly at the exhibishun. The way it shud be ritten if our langwidg was logical.

I want to marry my spell checker.

Copperfield was founded in 2014 by William Lunn, opening with the exhibition Obsessive Compulsive Order. In February 2022 Andrea P. Maffioli joined as a partner.

Opens Saturday 1 June 11am - 6pm.
First hour low light & quiet for heightened sensitivities.

Exhibiting artistsToggle

Larry Achiampong

Sophie Jung

El Bass of Project Art Works

Gabby R of Project Art Works

Paula Morison

Kristian Kragelund

Lucas Dupuy

Alberta Whittle

Ty Locke

Elsa James

Becky Beasley

Narges Mohammadi

David Rickard

Rebeca Romero

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