Georgia Dickie. Those Who Feed Birds

3 Mar 2017 – 31 Mar 2017

Jeffrey Stark

New York
New York, United States


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Honey and Dado, the talking crow, fuzzers

Firstly, confound your backyard squirrels, deter other small animals.

It’s only that you should always be resisting what you think you know. Resting perches indulge in their own functions. It is perched and it also perches. It is a launch pad.

A single point of tension unifying the carcasses to be picked at. Where a butcher might be concerned.

To be a scavenger on the ground, deployed by the upper levels at gut-institute. The scavenger is able to indicate how healthy the environment is. Or, alternately, to rest somewhere high-up and precarious.

* * *

We are dealing with the element of air, the space of birds, we are catering to them exclusively:

The good news is that they are built to withstand the worst that nature can dish out. They will keep your viewers safe and satisfied, possibly for years to come. The construction of the feeding apparatus is as sturdy as they come. Not to mention, very popular with viewers. Features an integrated squirrel baffle. Effortless hang-up. This easy-to-assemble hang-up is perfect to suspend from an s-hook, tree limb, porch ceiling or any other type of hook or hanging support. It features many of the same features of past models, but in a convenient hang-up model. No more reaching or bending! This is what one viewer had to say about it: “Excellent! Look forward to years of viewing.” Give it a comfortable space.

You know how much of a hassle it can be installing, right? There’s nothing more frustrating than holding up and balancing it between your feet and/or legs to get it to stand upright... only to have it spill onto the floor. Well, that problem has been solved! So if you’re looking for a model that is super easy to install and maintain, look no further. Effortless and incredibly easy to install and maintain. Easy to assemble, minimizes mess, quick knock-down for easy transport. The simple construction and size will allow you to store it easily when not in use. It will entertain itself, and most of all the freedom. Maybe it just needs a change of scenery.

Other considerations include avoiding contamination and potential collisions, remaining visible, are temporary maybe, are forever incomplete.

Many minor decisions represented. Several weeks worth of choices. And then suddenly a suppressed memory:

I was in high school in a class having trouble staying awake I imagined a place like a scentless warm gymnasium with dim lighting (intentional). In this room an activity takes place that is a societal norm for students of this age and it does involve scheduling, communal student napping sessions that occur each day at the same time the same as recess but there are not beds for laying down, rather cocoons of cream-coloured linen hanging from the ceiling, dry and human, very important for sleep and relief of being awake and alive and important that there is downtime from freedom of choice.

This was the fantasy, specifically not beds so that full relaxation of the mind and all of the muscles could be achieved students could sink into their soft pods and dangle above the floor, everything completely relaxed, very little movement in fact none was accounted for in this particular vision of desire anyway all of the weight is allowed to just hang down toward the ground there is nothing else actually that is the vision Somewhere between a burlap potato sack and a hammock it’s important to note that there are no openings to enter and exit Dread because this wasn’t going to happen. The rest is a reward.

Ideally, to halt permanence, to stall, suspiciously.

Don’t ask, why does this lighter and salt shaker hang down for me? Convenience is implied in that the fire and the flavour are at the end of a dangling string.

there for your usage, on the street,

Meanwhile in the Birdroom...

A vulture comes down to a honey-water feeder attached to branches

Hummingbirds eat a deer carcass

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Georgia Dickie


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