24 Nov 2011 – 30 Nov 2011

Hepsibah Gallery

London, United Kingdom


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  • Tube: Goldhawk Road / Hammersmith


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Ernest Tait will be furious with me for doing so but I have included extracts from his jotted notes about his work because here in these rather 'wired' notes and ideas he shows us the details of his work and I believe that now is the time to point out the detail,the precision,the fine artistry, the concepts and ideas that are so full of humility, and the intricate and delicate beauty of his work.

It's basically a collection of 14 pictures, 7 pairs.
Each picture incorporates reclaimed copper wire from old fairy lights, electrical goods etc.
They are lit up in various ways.
Slight Victorian aesthetic
Industrial revolution influence.
Two lotus ponds with marbles for lights tiny filaments swimming in the resin amongst cogs and copper debris
A copper pineapple with the inside incrusted with the bits and bobs you gave me and a peacock's head
A copper wire spider's web (which is almost sending me mad) on a branch which is coming out of an anchovy tin
A Peacock
A Peacock in a room with fish swimming by
Lips with butterflies
Noses with tiny houses
A man with a body of a golden cage with tiny golden fish in his stomach and copper feathers floating in the resin to look like wings that have broken away from his body.
Tiny copper flying men mixed with lots of tiny crystals.
Very/hyper detailed
Not sure if this is helping but brain storming. Need to stress the importance of detail and very tiny detail. Taking the viewer further into the piece. Overall aesthetic but when looking further realize more aspects to the piece. For example with the lotus pond when you first view it you see the large copper leaves but when you look more you notice the veins. Then as you delve beyond the leaves into the resin pond you see rusted fragments, bits of woven copper leaves, lit up marbles with tiny resistors swimming towards the light. It's like when you look at any scene, say a country view, overall there is a green aesthetic that seems as one but when you then separate it apart, trees, shrubs, grass and then further deer, rabbit, then further ant, grass-hopper, fly etc etc you realise how much makes up that scene. The same with a crowd of people. Even though it looks like an overall group when you then think of male, female, different ethnicities, different ages, then further to the individual (their history, education experiences) and then for example their skin, the pores then further the microbes etc the amount of information is over whelming.
When I think of the world and the history of the world, not to mention the universe with all these factors (detail) I realize how miniscule I am yet I still feel I have some importance (I don't mean in a ego way I mean in relation to my friends/family etc). I find this thought quite daunting,: we are all just specks but also very liberating and exhilarating: we may be specks but we have such emotions, experiences and relations. Also the constraints and social restrictions that we put/are put on us are fragments in the whole picture (influenced by or time etc).
The pictures are 7 pairs.
The titles for this exhibition are divided into two groups one is a simple one word title it's sister picture is more poetic title.


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