10 Nov 2018 – 27 Nov 2018

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10.00 – 13.00h / 16.00 – 20.00h

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Ex Conservatorio di Santa Anna

Apulia, Italy



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From 10 to 27 NOVEMBER 2018 - Opening day Saturday 10 November at 18h, Ex Conservatory of St. Anna, Via Libertini, Lecce


Promoter: Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce
Under Auspicies by MIBAC Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – 2018 Calendar of European Year of Cultural Heritage; Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lecce

Curators:  Rose & Dores Sacquegna, Lecce

From 10 to 27 NOVEMBER 2018
Opening day Saturday 10 November at 18h
Ex Conservatory of St. Anna, Via Libertini, Lecce

Tel +39 349 37 20 659

The title “Correspondance” refers to the first section of the book The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire, the most extensive poem, entitled “Spleen and the Ideal”. According to what the poet say “ Reality is the place where one comes into contact with the spiritual world, with that deeper truth of things that goes beyond their outward appearance (the temple) ..”

As a place of correspondence between the material world and the spiritual world, this project  is set up on  Conservatory of Santa Anna (XVII century), one of the most interesting architectural heritage of the city of Lecce. Next to it stands the Church of Sant’Anna, built about a century later. The space hosting the exhibition thus establishes the symbolic meeting of distant worlds.

The  show  offering a focus on contemporary visual poetry, through the use of new digital techniques and technologies, typical of the contemporary world. On exposure works of ARTIST BOOK, MAIL ART, VIDEO POEMS, INSTALLATIONS by national and international artists. Through writing, the symbol and the archetype, each artist shows off their particular artistic , symbolic, olfactory, sound, visual and innovative language.

Opening ceremony opens with the presentation of the exhibition and with the visual performance titled “ANATOMY OF A CALLIGRAPHER II ACT” written and directed by poet and performer Massimiliano Manieri, from Lecce. The performance features five women from Lecce, including Maria Gabriella Marra (calligrapher and stage ceramics), Valentina Maritati, Daniela Ladisa, Barbara Caliandro and Anna Lucia Indennitate (models). The performative action pay a tribute to the film “Pillow Book” by Peter Greenway, in turn it inspired by the text “The notes of the pillow” by the Japanese poet Sei Shonagon lived in the year 1000 D.C. In the first act, which occurred, the presence of the director (Manieri) was the object of desire, born through writing. In this second act, the figure of the performer is not there to witness the gestation of the same, with an inverted and wanted birth. A journey back in time, a ritual narration of the bodies that become texts in the hands of calligrapher: bodies-extensio and corpus domini that offer themselves to the viewers, as food and monstrance of a visionary and alchemical liturgy of the elements gathered there.

Participating artists:

ARTIST BOOK: Liliana Ebalginelli (Italy),  Rainer Otto Hummel (Switzerland), Maria Luisa Imperiali (Italy), Bela Limenes (Mexico), Fides Linien (Germany), Katarina Norling (Sweden),  Nel Ten Wolde (Australia), Anna Lambardi (Italy).

INSTALLATIONS:  Rainer Otto Hummel (Switzerland),  Maria Gabriella Marra (Italy),  George Syrakis (Greece),  Dores Sacquegna (Italy), Andy Artyhuin (Russia), Alina Lutaeva (Russia).

MAIL ART: Joanna Gibbs (UK), Orna Hodara Hatzor (Israel), Margarita Henriksoon (Sweden),  Rainer Otto Hummel (Switzerland), Natalia Proskuriakova (Russia),  Evgeniia Utochkina (Russia).

VIDEO POEMS:  John Cage (Usa),  Marceli Antunez Roca (Spain),  Willem Martinot (The Netherland), Anna Lambardi (Italy), Maria Rosaria Cristaldi (Italy),  Cor Fafiani (The Netherlands),  Andria Santarelli (France),  Peter Liashkov (Usa).

Primo Piano LivinGallery, thanks to the experience gained from its foundation to date, is always committed to building relationships of collaboration and participation in support of its activities both at local, national and international level, involving public bodies and media partners in its activities they share mission and institutional goals.

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Rose Sacquegna

Dores Sacquegna

Exhibiting artists

Dores Sacquegna

Katarina Norling

Joanna Gibbs

Marceli Antunez Roca

Cor Fafiani

Peter Liashkov

Fides Linien

Maria Luisa Imperiali

Liliana Ebalginelli

George Syrakis

Margarita Henriksoon

Maria Gabriella Marra

Nel Ten Wolde

Andy Artyhuin

John Cage

Orna Hodara Hatzor

Anna Lambardi

Willem Martinot

Rainer Otto Hummel

Alina Lutaeva

Massimiliano Manieri

Natalia Proskuriakova

Evgeniia Utochkina

Bela Limenes

Maria Rosaria Cristaldi

Andria Santarelli

Taking part

Primo Piano LivinGallery

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