Colombian video art in "post-conflict" times. Kurator Rex's Greatest Hits

23 Mar 2017 – 29 Mar 2017

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The VIDEOART PROGRAM will be continuously screened in the first floor’s Oval room of Babylon during the course of the festival and every day from 23rd til March 29th 2017.

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Kino Babylon

Berlin, Germany


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In "post-conflict" times:
Colombian video art.
63 artist and 75 videos conceptualized through 8 amazing playlists ready for your eyes.


This year we aim to collect the greatest hits of Kurator Rex. On one side we have: "54 video-cañonazos of the post-conflict", an unforgettable Colombian video art program focusing on utopia & post-conflict. And on the other side we have: “The wanderer's infinite step”, a breathtaking special edition of Colombian video art focusing on migration which includes some of the best experimental-audiovisual pieces of work of Colombian artists in Germany in the last 10 years. Both programs include an extensive selection of 63 artist and 75 videos conceptualized through 8 amazing playlists ready for your eyes. 

Videoart program by Julián Santana

Free Entry / Freier Eintritt / Entrada gratis



Originally entitled as "Psychic Response Strategy", this is a selection of Colombian video art that arises from the expectation raised by the probability of accessing a special category, a social welfare state called "Post-conflict".

Faced with the sensitivity that is required to process a complex and massive event like the one announcing the post-conflict in Colombia, the proposed program of video art, which consists of a compilation of audiovisual projects of Colombian artists from different generations, not only presents a social memory or sequences of fiction, but also constitutes true psychic states that, through metaphors, become valuable documents of a social and human conflict.


Here, two selections of video arts produced by Colombian artists in Germany are put together. Some are pausing to discuss the architecture (Kellerreinigungsservice) while others get through asking what is their place as individuals in the middle of the scenery (nach Hause fahren).

"Kellerreinigungsservice" (basement cleaning-service). The basement is the dark side of the house, ideal to make corpses disappear, unforgotten ones as well as those which embarrass us. Bunkers, tombs, monuments, museums, a basement gladly receives a free cleaning-service facing the look of an unknown visitor, tourists, adventurers, foreign students and immigrants.

Kellerreinigungsservice is also the exercise of conserving a hypothetical and spontaneous "open-air museum" inside Germany. If we displace this reflective matter into the actual demand to preserve an infinite social memory in Colombia, we will agree to refresh those ideas of the museum, monument and conservation which we maintain immersed in the formalin of modernity, but yet alive and democratic in the face of the dialogue which is ideally expected of the construction of the public, rather by means of a city than by means of social and territorial more ambitious restructuring like the one announcing the post-conflict.

"Nach Hause fahren" (driving home). The advantage of living in a permanent drive home is that the we can always get rid of what disturbs us halfway without any option to store it in the basement. In these moments of introspection and reflection while you direct yourself from one point to another, you keep thinking if you want to change or if it is possible to assimilate, you also notice if you are the way you have been told, if you resemble what you see or if you would better hide to continue your journey later on.


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Julian Santana

Exhibiting artists

Miguel Angel Rojas

Miguel Hernández

Katherine León

Leonel Vásquez

Mario Opazo

Andres Sandoval Alba

Siu Vásquez

Claudia Salamanca

Esteban Rivera

Luis Ortiz

Carolina Pinzón

Mauricio Ramirez

Luisa Roa

Camilo Sanabria

Diego Aguilar

Simon Hernández

Natalia Castaneda

Akiro Hellgart

Juliana Góngora

Javier Bernal-Arevalo

Leo Carreño

Santiago Lemus

Jose María Rubio

Silvia Ospina

Martha Hincapié Charry

Juan Camilo González

Diego Alejandro Garzón

Miguel Jara

Carlos Guzmán

Elkin Calderón

Diana Menestrey

Luisa Botero

Valery Rojas

Juan Pablo Echeverry

Pablo Correa Gonzalez

Fernando Arias

Gustavo Gutierrez

Jonhatan Acevedo

Fenando Pertúz

Catalina Gómez Rueda

Tatyana Zambrano

Edinson Javier Quiñones

Adriana Pineda

Wilson Diaz

Alexander Rios

Andres Felipe Castaño

Andrés Felipe Uribe

Roberto Ochoa

Daniel Poveda

Maria Angelica Madero

Edwin Sanchez

Ana María Millán

Ginna Velez

Evi Krukenhauser

Melisa Palacio López

Raquel Solórzano

Adrian Villa


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