CHARTA# 3 - Pattern and Territory

13 May 2022 – 11 Jun 2022

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Berlin, Germany

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CHARTA# 3 - Pattern and Territory
Willem Besselink, Larissa Fassler, Nadine Fecht, Leon Manoloudakis, Saskia Wendland

Curated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge and Stephan Klee
Curatorial Assistance by Matteo Lorusso

HAUNT frontviews
Kluckstraße 23 A
D - 10785 Berlin

Jan-Philipp Frühsorge fruehsorge@frontviews.de
Stephan Klee  klee@frontviews.de


Basic Information                                                      

CHARTA# - Exhibitions Series 2021- 2022
Curated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge and Stephan Klee
Curatorial Assistance by Matteo Lorusso

HAUNT frontviews
Kluckstraße 23 A
D - 10785 Berlin


CHARTA# (lat.: "the paper sheet"' deu.: "the constitution") is a series of four group exhibitions by the art association frontviews, which aims to bring together artists based in Berlin whose main medium is drawing.                                                                  

In 2021 and in 2022 two exhibitions will take place in each year. Each issue of
CHARTA # is under a different thematic complex and shows five remarkable positions in each category:                                                                        

CHARTA #1 - Movement and Space | 25 Jun – 17 Jul 2021 at HAUNT, Berlin
Vanessa Enriquez, Timo Herbst, Katja Pudor, Andreas Schmid, Esther Stocker &
Anna-Maria Bogner

CHARTA #2 - Identity and Narration | 20 Nov 2021 –  22 Jan 2022 at HAUNT, Berlin
Marc Brandenburg, Stella Geppert, Marianna Ignataki, Tim Plamper, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

CHARTA #3 - Pattern and Territory | 13 May -  11 June 2022 at HAUNT, Berlin
Leon Manoloudakis, Saskia Wendland, Nadine Fecht, Larissa Fassler, Willem Besselink                                                               

CHARTA #4 - Sound and Order | 14 Oct -  12 Nov 2022 at FELD+HAUS Projects, Berlin

About CHARTA# - General Idea
The exhibition series CHARTA# is dedicated to contemporary drawing and explores current thematic fields. In four exhibitions over a period of two years 2021/2022, the series offers a thematic inventory of relevant drawing positions from the Berlin environment.

In Berlin a widely ramified network of artists has now emerged who devote themselves primarily to the medium of drawing. For them, drawing serves much more than as a means of fixing ideas or as a preparatory and accompanying technique about "major works" in other media. For them, the intensive handling of the line is the primary way to express themselves, that is, to make their engagement with the world visually tangible for others.

About CHARTA #3
Patterns provide order, they can offer structure and directional lines on the blank surface to remain in the language of drawing. Patters can also bare a breathtaking beauty of complexity and rhythm. Some types of graphical grits and networks are used to depict geographical or social constructions in a conceptional and more abstract way. Artistic drawing makes no difference here, also in this field of fine cultural expression there is a rich array of artists, who use techniques of repetition, continuity, measurement and abstract representation of real processes. In this way they define their own territories of expression, their own way to grasp the fluidity of life on a sheet of paper. 

In Nadine Fecht’s works, we can see the use of drawing as a tool to explore socio-political issues and the relation between the single persona and selected social patterns that society’s standards impose on us. Especially her deep concerns in the multilayered reactions and strategies of the individual being incorporated into the escalating machinery of postindustrial capitalism, results in very clear and at the same time deconstructive and empathic pieces of art. 

Leon Manoulodakis works in the space between drawing as a marked surface and sculpturally appearing materiality. Here the question of the medium oscillates between what drawing is and how the medium of drawing can grow into an autonomous zone of matter.  

Saskia Wendland's practice of defining a drawn field is repetitive, precise and very close linked with the performative movements of her body. Her wide or fine gestures lead to very subjective and corporal patterns, which awaken the viewer´s desire to explore the inscribed lines as a space of vibrant closeness. The importance of movement makes the artworks almost indivisible from the artist’s performance itself.

Larissa Fassler examines urban space, architecture, and social developments, which she dissects and discloses by drawing it for the spectator. The mapping of undergrounds, squares, pedestrian ways, numbers, information, and processes comes all together in hypercomplex drawings. These works are representations of urban development, including the economic, social, and cultural contentions which define these dislocations in our cities.

Willem Besselink brings the spotlight on everyday circumstances, social processes, and architecture by transferring these phenomena into methodic patterns in sculpture, installation, and drawing. By observing these daily occurrences and investigating the given structures of the environment, he is able to generate astonishing translations into complex, geometric shapes and informative grids.


About Frontviews and HAUNT
Frontviews is a group of international artists and theorists in Berlin. Based on flexible collaborations, Frontviews develops concepts of contemporary art in Europe. The initiative was founded in 2012 and is registered in Berlin as a non-profit association for arts and culture.

Since 2019, Frontviews runs HAUNT as a centre for contemporary art and culture at Kluckstraße 23 in Berlin Tiergarten. HAUNT is housed in the former city gardeners‘ education centre, where the grounds and training rooms of the Grünflächenamt have been abandoned for seven years. With a little remodelling, allowing nature to spread throughout the courtyard- garden, HAUNT is a place for art exhibitions, workshops, talks and other creative activities.

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Willem Besselink

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