26 Jan 2018

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England, United Kingdom


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In 1903, a phonaestics experiment was carried out to decipher what the most beautiful sounding word or phrase was in the English language, their conclusion was ‘Cellar door.’ Whilst walking back from the pub two friends went on to decrypt the opposite of this; their quick conclusion was ‘cum on my tits.’

This exhibition and live show ‘BLANK on my BLANK’ has coined from a more PG version of the initial ‘cum on my tits’ where we invite you to fill in our holes. With bodily fluids in mind, this work embodies the wetness of liquid in a solid form through a shit load of easier materials.


Liz Rochford (Dartford, 1996)

I see casting how I see photography; as a trace of something that previously existed and is (or was) ‘there’ in one form or another. There is an element to casting that is fact, a copy, a continually replicated thing. This reproduction can then be manipulated and morphed both in its physical form and in the way it is perceived. I am interested mainly in the ambiguous nature in which work can sink and submerge pre-existing objects into casts of pre-made containers, to create an unrecognisable and malleable subject. Silicone holds a satisfying bridge between the properties of solid and liquid, that rubbery flexible pink colour so frequently associated with use on or inside the human body, this can add another element of curiosity with the human compulsion to understand, to touch and experience as well as look upon.

Katie O'Brien (Dartford, 1997)

Many people take comfort in a certain desire or aim, whether it be a place or object. For me it is the idea of a paradise island, deep in the realms of my mind, surrounded by blue water and covered in palm trees. This cliché longing alleviates me from day to day life whenever I consider it and has almost become a memory, although I have never physically been. My work is an examination of escapism through dreams and aspirations and how these false memories can become more and more skewed through excessive thought. In my work, I explore how this deeply calm place can become detached from reality in our minds; A paradise fused together by the anxiety of the present, manifested in front of you as a dissociated landscape. ‘Holidays are a chance to escape the everyday, enjoy new experiences and indulge in relaxation with your family and friends. Trust us to make your holiday truly special.’ (Thomas cook, 2018)

Dominic John Hudson (Nottingham,1996)

I like pretty pictures, look at my pretty pictures that I’ve done. I hope you like my lovely pretty pictures; pretty pictures are fun.

Charlie Ratcliffe (Cumbria, 1995)

A tripple tipple on your tiny nipple?” asked Peter to the Wolf. He didn’t respond because the Wolf was on probation and needed to stop associating itself with such dangerous individuals as Peter. The tiny nipples Peter was, in fact, referring to happen to belong to the smallest band in South London. Don’t be deceived by the minute scale of The Plastic Other (crafted by the comparatively large hands of Charlie Ratcliffe). They will beat your ego down to a pulp with a sizable barrage of nihilistic soul trout. Flip a nip to these curly buzzards and rejoice at their healing properties.


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