21 Nov 2015 – 2 Dec 2015

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Cesena, Italy, Save the date! Matteo Bosi presents: BEFORE SILENCE, solo show. Exhibition opening: Saturday, November 21, 2015 in Galleria Comunale d’arte, Palazzo del Ridotto, Cesena.


“The dimensions of the Being are endless like it seems that universes flowing around us are endless, according to the theory of the multiverse.
Forever Matteo Bosi's work has been looking for those buildings, those bridges, those ties among the same realities, more or less mysterious or fictitious in which we are dipping or coming out. Moreover, the contextualization of his characters becomes a Kaleidoscope of anything belonging to our past, present and future education and experience. Time is broken and we have a unique space which involves emotions, senses, passions. Standstill is the most important element to describe the situation.
Maybe that silence, which is in the title of this  cycle of works, could be the desire of reaching a place and a time of peace at last, a sort of zero setting, a dimension only aestethic, almost mystique, in which one can have a rest from the uncertain absolute his deeds start from.
As I know Bosi I think here is the answer: in fact in some fades or some fusions with Nature appearing from his scenic drawings- I would say theatrical- knowledge goes together with ecstasy, construction with haziness, truth with likelihood, material world with displayed onerism.
For a few years in the Western world we have been dealing with new myths, becoming more and more different from the traditional legends: they bring us the typical themes of our modern society and represent the experiences of the contemporary man. Generally speaking they are the result of the "chaos" in the 21st century. I would say it is more important to emphasize the collective needs derived from this kind of recent mitopoiesi. Nowadays we are losing our identity thanks to globalization and the disappearing of individual inner existence.

But how would you present these myths nowadays?
Stories spread around talk about strange and unusual facts, sometimes merely tragic or tragicomic: they appear as popular knowledge to be diffused  orally.
This means that legend is the basis to understand a culture, first from the social and anthropological point of view and then artistic.
Matteo Bosi does this research, where narrations are running voices whose centers are hardly recognizable: they appear not fairy tales, they are not even simple mistakes but they have their own truth, showing some aspects of a knowledge impossible to be seen through other forms or any scientific technological research.
In fact, legends influence the feeling of the human beings and build up reality. As we already know, legend is very closed to myth.

Matteo Bosi's art seems irrational to the viewer but at the end it derives its deep and detailed meaning from the obscurity and the unknown. The body balanced, in its forms and decorum, is a symbolic metaphor of dreaming unconscious dimension. Bosi's language is based on myths connected to the past, present and future: so we have to go beyond the visible, the obvious, to understand the ethic message, the ideal thought which is immortal, never ending. Bosi's silence is a possible utopian odyssey. His art is a cerimonial magic circle in which Bosi is the liturgic master of his art.”



A particular thanking to Gian Ruggero Manzoni who once again has worked as protagonist to the presentation of my work. To Manuela Camprini Stylist for the work of simultaneous translation of my visions, to Sauro Errichiello photo assistance in the latest 2015 series and to all models, female and male friends, who have cooperated for all the photos published in this catalogue and for the strong sympathy and emotions felt by meeting all these different people. A special thought to my family for their support, love, patience. The serie “anatomie”  derives from the precious collaboration with the sculptor Aldo Rontini e Peter Weiermair. The photos “Fanti di Memoria” are taken from the book“immagini e documenti della grande guerra”. The title of the works are symbols of the dates of their death. Last but not the least many thanks to Antonio Maraldi for the supervision of the catalogue.

Matteo Bosi was born in 1966 in Cesena where he still lives with his wife and two children. Holder of a diploma at Istituto d'Arte della Ceramica (Ceramic Art Institute) in Faenza in 1985, he starts a long artistic way based on an endless experimentation which takes him to use many different artistic styles: from drawing to painting from analogical photographic to digital techniques. At the end of the 80’s, he starts working on analogical photography succeeding in using digital techniques in a very short time. In the mid - 90's he does the first series of digital photos manipulated in post-production or hand-painted shown in the serie "Ultra Homines". Later, he produces several sets of photos showing his art in different collective and personal exhibitions in galleries all over the world. Finally, it is worth mentioning  “Premio Celeste“ and two editions of “Tau Visual“ Italy. Since 2000 he has been runningCommunication Studio Pixel Planet. Thanks to, that he has been able to work both as communication designer and art museum and photo exhibition organizer in Italy and abroad. He has been working for public authorities and foundations: from Centro Cinema Cittá di Cesena to the Municipality ofRosignano Marittimo, from Museo Internazionale della Ceramica in Faenza to the Malatesta Library. He has also been in charge of San Marino Film Festival and International Film Schools in Pennabilli. Till 2014 Pixel Planet was also an exhibition area and cultural meeting. In 2013 Matteo Bosi went to Moscow for his personal exhibition together with the artist Masha Trotzky and the following year in Barcellona to close a cycle and an important international joint work.


Matteo Bosi. “Before Silence” solo show.

Galleria comunale d’arte, Palazzo del Ridotto – Cesena (Italy)

Opening: Saturday, november 21, 2015

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Matteo Bosi

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