12 Nov 2014 – 23 Nov 2014

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The Brick Lane Gallery

London, United Kingdom

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13th – 23rd November 2014
Preview: Wednesday 12th November 6pm – 8:30pm
The Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, E1 6SA


“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
Alberto Giacometti


The Brick Lane Gallery is proud to present our ART IN MIND - UNLEASHED group exhibition. The show will feature eleven outstanding local and international artists who explore limitless artistic possibilities from paint and collage to illustrations and textiles, extending the frontiers of art.  Through the appropriation of different subject matters, influences, unexpected materials and new perspectives, they present us a wide range of approaches to art. Join us in the discovery of the vibrant soul lifting abstract artworks by Fiona Pompermeier, the colourful and dynamic works by Mike and Madeleine Bülow, the nostalgic and memory evoking artworks by Michelle Fielding as well as the alluring, and controversial artworks by Maxwell Rushton.

You are warmly invited to join the exhibiting artists for a drink at the opening night of ART IN MIND - UNLEASHED at The Brick Lane Gallery open from 6pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 12th November 2014.



Domino (from France) studied and graduated from History of Art and Egyptology in Brussels. Since she graduated, she participated in several exhibitions including her first drawing show in France. She was also involved in the exhibition of comics in Orange and took part in contemporary painting shows in Corsica.


Fiona Pompermeier (from UK) studied Interior Architecture at the University of Bedfordshire. After graduating, she worked in the corporate world as an Interior Designer, Interior Architect and Set Designer and stills do so to this day. Fiona aims to lift the soul and mood of the viewer with playful overtones to her art. Lotus Lights captures a snapshot of specular city lights beneath dewy sunset, exaggerating the intensity of the fleeting moment in telescopic gaze yet the timelessness of euphoric emotion in the modern metropolis of busy shuffle and dash. Amarene Haze is a deconstruction of fantastical overtures in child like recall under the duress of mother nature's whim. Pixel Muse is a journey of lineated expectation and stuccoed notes of ardour and fray in a confused yet complex and regimented era of daily grind.  It is a crisp autumnal day with risky plights into ocean spray set afloat retrospective flavour in a multitude of heartfelt notes.


Harriet Green (from UK) ran the innovative Chameleon Paint Workshop in the New Forest for over six years. She discovered the delights of using gold leaf while learning the craft of bookbinding. She has found an interesting and unique way of using this medium as well as other kinds of metal leaf to create stunning and original works. This style of her work is presented under the broad title of The Alchemy Collection, comprising a series of wall panels on both canvas and plywood using mixed media, including composition or faux gold leaf, 22ct gold leaf, silver, aluminium and copper leaf as well as metallic paints and wax. The series is selling well and the piece “Alchemy: Panel 2” now hangs in the Krug Room at The Dorchester Hotel, London.



Marc Stewart (from UK) Marc is a graphic designer and artist, living in London. He acquired a degree in Graphic Design at Middlesex University. He works both as an artist and graphic designer. Marc has made and sold art work in a variety of mediums, with recent success in screen printing. His current work, as seen here, is made of mixed media collage and paint. The series “Blighty Pop” is inspired by British Pop Art, with elements like old postcards, stamps, letters, cigarette packets and adverts all coming from British media and products of the 1930s onwards. While these elements look back and celebrate what has gone before, the surge of painted colour coming in from the bottom of each piece signifies new growth and opportunities in today's Britain.


Massimiliano Precisi (from Italy) currently lives in Cascina. Very attached to his twin sister Selene, played soccer since childhood, but at the same time, nourished within him the passion for painting. Impressed by the works of Francis Bacon, he began the path that led him to paint some of the most complex and troubled artworks in the history of contemporary art. His paintings, with its distinctive red background in vivid contrast to the dark colours and contours of blacks portraits, seem to want to penetrate the soul of the subject and express the contradictions that characterize them.



Maxwell Rushton (from UK) graduated from Leeds college of art with a 1st class degree in Fine Art in 2012. Since graduating he has exhibited in London in four group exhibitions and one solo show. Maxwell’s art focuses on our relationship with pop culture and how we as individuals are influenced by it. By exploring social science fields such as psychology, sociology and behavioural economics his work questions the use of marketing strategies and how our free will is manipulated. He indulges himself in commercial culture and creates his own brand, a brand that sits on a fine line between a world saturated in commercialism, and an attempt to free himself from it. He blurs the gap between art and sales by operating by a method of trading which creates a fair market for the distribution of his artwork. This method of trading has recently been realised by actor Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) who has traded for Maxwell's artwork.



 Michael Volpicelli (from Italy) means to show through his work another dimension of portraiture by showing a likeness as well a person’s message to the world, giving the portrait more depth. When viewers look at the portrait, they see more than just who the person is on the surface, because they are also able to see the thoughts and emotions that are a part of them. Michael’s portraits are composed of the subject’s own words as well as other people’s thoughts and impressions of them, to give a real sense of the person whose likeness is being portrayed. Each portrait is composed solely of words, with cross-hatching and various pen widths used to create value.  



Michelle Fielding (from UK) studied fashion and textiles in London before following the call of art. Her work examines the blurring of art and fashion two of her passions and when combined are explosions of creative intrigue. Her current practice juxtaposes painting, sculptural clothing forms and textiles. The central focus of her work is the impact of the materials used and the ambiguity of the meaning perceived. There are many layers of detail in her work, which have a repetitive and obsessive process to detail, pattern, colour and texture when created. Michelle uses large quantities of materials to create the feel of abundance and excess, this helps enforce impact when the pieces are exhibited. Memories and the narratives of history are important concepts that haunt some of the installations. Themes of war, remembrance, death, memory, home, disorders and issues of the body and identity in society are all just a few areas explored in the work.



Mike & Madeleine Bülow (from Germany) are a beautiful partnership between husband and wife. They create their stunning images with real painting and photography combined using their own little secret processes. They are incredibly passionate and dedicated to their art, photography and painting. Mike spent 20 years as a music producer and Madeleine has always been an artist, and like many kept it hidden most of her life. Now, they couldn't be happier working the last 5 years with each other. Their images are a sign against censorship and the temporal discrimination. They want to see their colour creations, which have strength and diversity colors. Only through their symbiosis they form the image that we see and they shape our world colorful in appearance and beauty. Colour has to complete a certain task, pictures and to let it affect us. Their reunion is for happiness and community and their separation for loneliness and pain.




Sara Arainpour (from Iran) graduated from Soureh university in 2007 majoring in Arts. Over the years she has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in and outside Iran. Also, her works have been printed in various publications. Sara is the recipient of the award for her expressive strength in her artworks in defense of human and women's rights granted by Art and Integration Organization in Italy.



Sarah B Smith (from UK) graduated in Graphic Design & Illustration. During her studies, she was shortlisted for the Student Awards at the V & A with her series of Nightingale & the Rose images and The Courtyard Theatre in London used her image to advertise for ’The Love of the Nightingale’ by Timberlake Wertenbaker. She has revisited some of her previous work and pushed the concept further either with acrylic on canvas or manipulating it digitally. She enjoys the surprise element as a piece of work comes together, this is often unexpected but so gratifying.


‘The Nightingale & the Rose’ series depicts in an almost abstract way the sad story of unrequited love and sacrifice written by Oscar Wilde. The tale tells of a nightingale who sings all night with a thorn in her heart so the rose will be a beautiful red in the morning for the student to give his love for the ball that evening. The nightingale sacrifices her life but all in vain. She wanted to convey the bleak element of this unrequited love.






For more information on ART IN MIND or to become a future exhibitor, please email us on info@thebricklanegallery.com


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