26 Nov 2014 – 7 Dec 2014

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27th – 7th December 2014

Preview: Wednesday 26th November 6pm – 8:30pm

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR




“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”

Auguste Rodin


The Brick Lane Gallery is proud to present our Winter ART IN MIND group exhibition. This exceptional exhibition will give a great finish to our 2014 programme and set great expectations for 2015. It will showcase ten talented artists from all over the world including representation from France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Sweden as well as local artists from the UK whose artworks offer an insight into authentic and current artistic practices. From the emotional works by Clare Danstead, opening windows into reality and a universal experience, the innovative eye and mind tricking works by Joel Clark as well as the engaging works by Isabelle Peterson – Reid which allow the audience to get involved and interpret them freely, these artworks present global points of view of the ever-changing artistic and cultural landscape.


You are warmly invited to join the exhibiting artists for a drink at the opening night of ART IN MIND at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe open from 6pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 26th November 2014.



Charlotte Martin (from France) explores philosophically her escape from her structured and confining world.  A world where there was no room for space, colours, freedom or excitement. She embarked on a lifestyle of no boundaries, into the hedonistic world of living with the Cream of 60's London’s music and fashion world. Her name has been linked to Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Jimmy Page and Martin Sharp. These past links remain strongly with her in her present search for the balance of chaos and structure, as well as a need for looking through “frames within frames”. To do this, she frequently uses nature as well as urban settings as filters; exploring relationships between highly controlled and less controlled visual elements in order to generate lots of formal collisions, surprises and tensions emulating from bright and stimulating colours, 

Exploring all of this is an enjoyable, yet challenging preoccupation, helping her to find equilibrium in her life today and to be able to share this with the viewer. She has exhibited in many venues in and around Maidenhead, Berkshire, where her studio is located. Charlotte has accepted various freelance commissions and her art is represented in collections both local and further afield.



Christos Eliades (from Greece) creates work which is free, timeless, primitive, sensual and definitely passionate of a positive happy world of pure fantasies. The mixed media, the various patterns and repeated dots, the vivid warm colours, the butterfly and the magic mask are his way of expressing his childish way of scepticism of this new era of unparalleled hatred and pain. He feels completely free in a naïve self taught way to experiment with any painting technique or media. It is important for him to see a final result that is beautiful in his eyes. He spends hours viewing his works as to be in harmony amongst the vague unlimited energy of all that they include.



Clare Danstead (from UK) is an artist and writer, whose work is always an emotional response to life. Through her studies in mysticism, religious experience and psychology, the practices of meditation, as well as the exploration of shamanic traditions, she is beginning to discover a visual language with which to communicate. This language is developing out of a prolonged experience of semi-isolation in nature, immersion in the sounds, visions and sensory experiences of the natural environment; particularly birdsong, the sounds of the wind, the movements of the clouds, the sun, the moon and the stars, she has become aware of a voice inside her heart, the voice of my Soul, which is trying to be heard and wants to share its story. This story is an ancient one, connected to our ancestors, and an experience of universal or cosmic consciousness and oneness with all things, to ancient memories and knowledge. Her new paintings reveal this Soul character, who, absorbed in this cosmic consciousness, is inseparable from the joy and beauty of the universe, but also the pain and the suffering. These expressions reflect this inseparability and oneness with all of existence, both in ordinary and subconscious realms and act as windows into other worlds, worlds of the past, present and future, of individual, but also universal experience. The story they tell changes from moment to moment, in response to the changes we experience in ourselves; how we feel, what we’re thinking, whether we’re happy or sad, and like a mirror they show us reality - our reality - the one we are able to see.


Emiliano Donaggio (from Italy) graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Venice. Before obtaining his degree, he had begun to be a well-known artist in Italy as well as abroad, with solo shows in some of the most important cities in the world such as Barcelona, Los Angeles, London, New York and San Paolo. He continues in his artistic career with great expressive freedom and coherence. He always stands out for his sense of colour that make him a successor of pop-art and graffitism. Each of his works have a hidden meaning, he writes numbers and words in them as he wants people who look at his art to understand and feel the same sensations he was feeling while working. He wants the spectator to get into his world. He is driven by an energy transformed by the air he breathes, which takes him to live, create and transform every thing he can reach; changing things that are banal for most of the people into art that represents his inner state.




Eva Gajda (from Hungary) lives and works near Cambridge. She likes to show her art on different forms of “canvas”. She studied art, teaching and agricultural engineering in Budapest. She has used the usual mediums to paint on but has found a particular liking to painting on reclaimed wood, keeping to her belief in giving “life” to old discarded wood. Currently she is using old sheets of music as a new form of canvas for her painting. She paints what makes her happy, or sad and hopes that her work brings out emotions in others.


“Creating is always on my mind. My passion is creating interesting and unique art especially on wood. I find wood stimulates my senses as it is very tactile and I encourage people to touch as well as look”



Isabelle Peterson - Reid (from Sweden) is a Swedish artist currently living and working in London.  From an artistic family, she has been creating art since childhood and has formally studied in Interior Design. Isabelle has only recently started to exhibit her work publicly, including the current "BarFly" exhibition at Marzia Frozen Gallery in Berlin. Her paintings are inspired by emotions and feelings, by her travels and the city around her. Sometimes by just a brief moment in her day. Quite often, she has no clear idea of how a painting will end up - it evolves during the process and can take many different directions along the way. She loves the way different people see and feel different things when they look at a painting and she believes that art is a very personal experience, for both the artist and the audience.




Jess de Wahls (from Germany) is a professional stylist and untrained but passionate artist. She followed her need for creating through multiple disciplines, ultimately creating her own niche- Retex sculpting, which is short for recycled Textile sculpting. She uses the fabrics of donated clothes to create intricate hand-sewn relief portraits.

The subjects of Feminism, inspirational Role models, Gender Equality as well as the environmental issue of Recycling in a waste culture has become an integral part of her Art. Her Solo exhibitions include shows at Soho Theatre, her sell-out show ‘Monsters and Ink’ at the Resistance Gallery and most recently in “Bigswingingovaries”, the first major exhibition of Retex-sculpture which was successfully crowd funded as well as curated by Jess herself. Major group show involvements include  “The museum of Everything” at the Turbine Hall of the Tate modern as well as “Sweet’Art Show” #1 at the Crypt Gallery, SEAMS at the Hoxton Arches Gallery as well as  “Guilty Pleasure” at Juno in Shoreditch.


Joel Clark (from UK) had long wanted to use vinyl as a medium to create art, and 24 years later, since first picking up a scalpel to hand-cut racing car graphics, he found himself having gone full-circle, back to sticking vinyl on cars. This idea is finally at a stage where it excites him. The unique use of vinyl and the hyper-realism finish it creates, always plays an amazing trick on his eyes and mind because it questions what is being seen as reality. Plus the concept is a fresh and original way to reflect today’s world to us. The concept behind his work is to simply give a reflection of the world that interest him, be it a positive or negative depiction. The art itself and the reflection effect within it, can be interpreted in any way anyone wishes to see it.


Nash (from UK) moved to London in the early nineties, and in 1995 he enrolled at the Chelsea College Of Arts where he graduated BA course in Fine Art. By experimenting with different materials and mixing oils and acrylics with industrial paints, marbling mediums and varnishes, Nash brings about strange and unique patterns from spontaneous reactions.  By merging intriguing forms into his backgrounds his work becomes almost inseparable from reality, giving birth to powerful images of timeless qualities.


Unafraid of confronting challenging questions through his artwork, Nash explores complex ideas in order to extract their essence. Through analyzing the concepts of our existence, he attempts to ascertain our perspective on this world as well as its implications, seeking out exactly how we create and define our reality. His main objective is not to try to give definitive answers, but to probe us into thinking critically about the true, often elusive, nature of our world and our place within it.







For more information on ART IN MIND or to become a future exhibitor, please email us on info@thebricklanegallery.com



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