15 Oct 2010 – 13 Nov 2010

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MONDAY - SATURDAY 10am - 6pm

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Kenny Schachter ROVE

London, United Kingdom


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  • 243, 55
  • Old Street / Barbican
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Kenny Schachter / ROVE is pleased to present a new exhibition, ARCHICHAOS, curated by Julia Van Hagen of ArtStanding, featuring work by Bianca Argimon, Tiaphaine de Bodman, La Fraterie, Kolkoz, Marie Maillard, Theo Mercier, Marc Molk, MoM's, Lucien Murat and Piers Stockholm. The exhibition, ARCHICHAOS, demonstrates the notion of architecture and chaos. Each artist's work included in this project reflects upon the concept of architecture, nature, and society. Working in a variety of mediums from photography and installation to performance and drawing, the artists demonstrate the way in which chaos and environmental architecture has evolved and played a major role in our society. Bianca Argimon Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (drawings & installations)”¨« Behind this picturesque panorama unfolds a knotty pandemonium ». The environment I create is one marked by disruption; it is a space manoeuvred by historical episodes juxtaposed with contemporary culture. A profound cynicim emerges from this zone of turmoil. This delineates the mindmap of my mental journey throughout theconstruction of fictional fragments, all cohabiting a common flat turf behind this picturesque panorama unfolds a knotty pandemonium. Tiphaine de Bodman”¨ Born in Belgium. Works and lives in Paris. (drawings 3D, photgraphy &textiles)”¨« It is possible to deal with the entire environment as a work of art. » (Marshall McLuhan) Her drawings, obsessive and intricate, remind us of zoomed microscope images. By blowing up details, they surprisingly start looking like abstract landscapes, cities, threatening meteorites or immense icebergs. Through this she achieves what she says is the most integral part of her creative process, àŠ»taking tiny things and celebrating the grandeur of intricacies! Nature is creating its proper pieces of Art. TiphaineàŠ¼ work is a meticulous and delicate excavation of it, taking us slowly to an in-depth introspection of ourselves and well-structured opinion of the world. It is a brilliant stroke. La Fraterie”¨Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (sculptures & installations)”¨« having no known location; existing nowhere » The French artist duo La Fratrie (Karim and Luc Berchiche) invite us to explore their universe via their "rock-islands". Through their formal and technical precision these mixed-media sculptures (made of silicone, silver, gold-leaf, iron, flocking…) turn their creators into the craftsmen of a utopian world in the most literal of senses. These aerial rocks equally constitute worlds of their own, as uprooted illusions of their place of origin. Such surealisitc and complex fictions introduce narrative, and often allegorical scenes. They also provide us with sources for real reflection upon the brevity and fragility of life. Kolkoz ”¨Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (sculptures, installations, videos & photography) Kolkoz (Samuel&Benjamin), duo of French contemporary artists play with the visual interaction between the real and the virtual. Since their first works realised in the mid 90's, the artists have never stopped expanding on their playful concept of simulation. « They are far from any utopian approach to technology and their simulations are simulations, not reality. » (Jil Gasparna / Contemporary , Special issue on digital art, 2007). Marie Maillard Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (photography, vidéo wallpaper, installations& sculptures)”¨« Welcome to the enigma of the virtual ». (Pascal Beausse) At a time of radical evolution in our information society, Marie Maillard transcribes the futures of an image that suddenly emerges in reality in order to reshape it. She anticipates the consequences of virtual reality's intrusion in the day-to-day spaces of our lives. Her artworks test the becoming-image of our realities. Maillard's Video-Wallpaper expresses the idea of an inhabitable, enveloping image that moves beyond the screen to take over architectural space. It is no longer an image that is looked at or read but rather an image one inhabits. The image is superimposed over reality, redefining it aesthetically.[...] Through these intrusions of an image that is endowed with an intelligence all its own, Marie Maillard introduces a doubt into our understanding of what distinguishes virtualities from realities. Théo Mercier”¨ Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (sculptures,installations, drawings & vidéos)”¨« Evil, ironic or engaged, my work always aims to have sense of humor » Working on the edge of borders between good and bad, dark and light, attraction and repulsion and that to leave a constant question mark.Theo mercier is a french artist who deals with todays environment and the danger of extinction. The artist warns us through his own black humour in which he uses metarmorphorsis and mutation. He expresses those ideas through various medias such as installations, « oil now », photographs « anger is green » and « dirt ». Through his surealistic sculptures we are transported into a world of the unreal. He depicts the precarious balance of our world today through his works, which interogates the spectator. Marc Molk”¨Born in France. Works and lives in Paris. (painter, writer & performer).”¨ An allegorical painter of French history, Marc Molk is also a miniaturist writer, a perfomer-activist and a video artist obsessed with the idea of confession. His work is intended to be as protean as his life: « a jigsaw made from the missing pieces of a hundred other jigsaws. » « I would like to rid allegories of their out-datedness: my allegories would be light, nearly realistic, paradoxically. I am wary of pathos in general. Images imposes themselves on me: I end up painting them to get rid of them, to let them go. I could go on at length about such and such theoretical or technical aspect, but with each added word, I feel I'm lessening the point of my works, emptying them of their substance. In any case, I do not own their meaning. Ultimately, I hope my paintings will be liked, simple as that, simple and silly maybe: I hope that, magically somehow, they will bring to me those with whom love or friendship is a possibility. I use painting as my embassador. » MoM'S Born in Iceland. Work and live in Iceland. (drawings, videos, installations & sculptures)”¨« Moms feed all the hungry birds » Founded in 2005, the group of artists MoM'S reunite two Icelandic Mundi and Morri and an american Schuyler. Active wherever they are, they have regularly participated in performances with the quatuor of Gelitin in New York, London, Paris or as well in Venice during la Biennale in 2007. Their graphical Works combine their individual techniques in dynamic compositions inspired from Surréalist corpses. Their art does not project any barrier with their day to day life and does not exclude any particular social attachement with the Icelandic population. ”¨ Lucien Murat”¨ Born in France. Works and lives in London. (installations, sculptures & drawings)”¨« merci maman merci papa pour ces heures de catechisme intensives » The dogs eat the crumbs which fall from ther masters' table, Osama lives Adold, Captain cries, I laugh. Lucien's work reflects upon society today in a very synical and humoristic manner, using political figures as a tool of propaganda. Pier Stockholm ”¨Born in Peru Works and lives in Paris. (drawings, photography, installatons & sculptures)”¨« Burden of Dreams » Through his complex drawings boosting refined lines, Pier Stockholm, a Peruvian artist living in Paris, can be considered a story-teller, a contemporary poet whose verses have been placed in different media, such as installations, sculptures and drawings. The artist re-creates chaos in an apparent aesthetically ordered manner with technical precision in his own language. In a second lecture of his work, a certain sarcasm can be read in the non functional way where utopic architecture is portrayed. For press enquiries or further information please contact Ann-Michael Waldvogel +44(0)7525 039 582 / ann-michael@rovetv.net


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