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Casco: Contemporary Art Residency in Rural Brazil

Updated: 10 July 2024

The residency is intended for artists interested in developing research, collaborative, and socially-engaged art practices in the context of Pós-Balsa. This region is part of the Environmental Protection Area (EPA) of Riacho Grande, established to protect the Atlantic Forest ecosystems and the water quality of the Billings Reservoir, which supplies water to the state of São Paulo. Bringing together curators, environmentalists, and local educators, the residency invites participating artists to conduct investigations connected to the territory and the local community.

Eligibility: The residency is open to visual artists of all countries and ages, preferably those interested in participatory processes.

What you get: Participation in the residency program is entirely free and also includes: On-site accommodation during immersion periods A stipend of R$ 4,000.00 per participating artist Collective study meetings about the territory Curatorial support and guidance A participation certificate at the end of the residency

Deadline 28 July 2024

Casco Pós-Balsa: Programa de Integração Arte e Comunidade, Pós-Balsa region, SBC, São Paulo

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