WaterWalls Festival 2023

Updated: 26 July 2022

The municipality of Esch-sur-Sûre (LU) renews the WaterWalls Festival for its second edition. It is the first cultural festival based on the principles of the circular economy. As an open-air exhibition of contemporary art, the festival aims to raise awareness about the artistic production and consumption aspects of culture. In 2023, 4 autonomous and participative art installations will be set up along the Sûre river, at the level of the 4 compensation dams, downstream of the large dam, in the idyllic valley of Esch-sur-Sûre. These installations will form an ephemeral art trail from 10.06 to 10.09.2023.

Eligibility: Architects, designers or visual artists. Up to any age and nationality but has to have experience in outdoor installation.

What you get: Exhibition from 10.06.23 to 10.09.23 and endowment from 25k up to 40k €.

Deadline 09 November 2022

Municipality Esch-Sauer (LU)

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