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Jorum Craft Award

Updated: 14 June 2022

The Jorum Craft Award is a materials-focused grant of £500-£1000 supported by Jorum Studio, in association with Craft Scotland. The Award provides funding to support makers’ exploration of materials, including but not limited to research and development of a new piece of work, project or collection.

We are looking for proposals for new bodies of work that explore different approaches to materiality within the theme of Biomimetics (also known as Biomimicry): studying elements from the natural world as the basis of complex problem solving within craft and design.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear view of their future development (and/or that of a particular project), and how receiving the Jorum Craft Award would help them to achieve their goals.

Eligibility: Professional makers, living and working in Scotland. Applicants should be working in one or more of Craft Scotland’s eligible disciplines. All work should be the design of the maker and made by the maker (or small-batch production under their direct supervision). All work must reflect excellence and the unique vision of its maker, be well-conceived and skilfully made. Previous Jorum Craft Award unsuccessful applicants are welcome to reapply. Previous successful recipients of the Jorum Craft Award are not eligible to reapply.

What you get: One award available between £500 and £1,000.

Jorum Studio

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