Market Gallery Call Out for Committee Members

Updated: 21 June 2022

Artist-run Glasgow based Market Gallery is looking for two new committee members to join existing team. One position will start in September and the other one in November. The committee term is a two-year position that offers an opportunity to develop research interests and programme collaboratively in a non-hierarchical environment. Committee members are responsible for all aspects of the daily running of the organisation alongside the Programme Facilitator, and lead on the decision making about the future of the gallery, gaining experience in a multitude of fields.

Eligibility: Committee members would need to be based in Glasgow and are expected to have an interest in (broadly defined) contemporary art and be able to dedicate approximately 8 hours a week, including the weekly meeting, as well as a day of independent or sub-committee work. This commitment may fluctuate according to the programme of events and may include weekends and evenings. Please note that applicants in full-time education will not be considered.

What you get: Committee is remunerated at £419 per month, this amount is stemmed from a calculation from a pilot funding from CS. The amount is reviewed yearly. Committee is also supported in research and professional development, where you have a small budget that can pay for short term mentorship, a course, books etc. There will also be a partially to fully funded research trip during your committeeship.

Deadline 06 July 2022

Market Gallery

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