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Doozy Magazine Open Call

Updated: 28 June 2022

In an increasingly bizarre world, it’s easy to get caught up in absurdity. Either satirical or serious, rarely do you see the creative industry celebrate silliness for silliness's own sake.

DOOZY magazine will be an invitation to smile, and we want submissions to follow this ethos. We want to build a platform for creatives to showcase their most eccentric, experimental, and unconventional work and whilst getting a chance to network and collaborate within a vibrant community of emerging artists, writers and designers. Irreverence, silliness, risky content, creative mischief and general naughtiness are all firmly recommended and encouraged.

Eligibility: Anyone who works in creative media aged 18+ living in the UK.

What you get: Networking, exhibition, and publication opportunities as well as sales opportunities through our published magazine and exhibition. In future we are hoping to be able to offer the chance to connect with industry professionals and mentors through workshops, seminars, and funding opportunities.

Doozy Magazine

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