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Silence Awareness Existence, Thematic residency program in Finland, Winter 2022

Updated: 15 September 2021

A thematic residency program in Finland for artists and creative minds, engaged in the theme on various fields. The program brings together international artists and professionals from different backgrounds. Artistic, scientific, meditative and existentialistic approaches are all equally embraced.

Taking place at the heart of the Northern winter, the conditions are excellent for concentrating intensively on your work, thinking and being, as well as for sharing experiences and ideas with other, similarly oriented minds. There is no pressure to have a concrete productive outcome, in case your focus is more in inner development, self-reflection and research. All participation in group activities is voluntary.

Eligibility: We are looking for emerging and professional artists, creatives and interesting individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds. In the selection process, an emphasis is put on applicant’s approach and suitability to the program theme. We value authenticity and tenacity. You must be at least 23 or older to apply.

What you get: 1 or 2 months residency

Fee: EUR 1,170.00

Arteles Creative Center

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