Artist in Residence

Paid six-month artist residency "bildingship" at bilding in Austria


„bildingship“ is a working fellowship for young artists, to use bilding as space for their own artistic work as well as actively engaging in the regular workshop programme for the duration of half a year (prolongation to one year is possible), including part-time employment (maximum income 446,81€ per month). The aim is to convey the concept and working methods of bilding to the artists, while at the same time, imparting artistic processes directly to the children and adolescents based on the artists on-site work, to establish mutual ties and to promote and expand international discourse in the field of art and cultural mediation with young people, based on the practical experiences gained at bilding.

Deadline 28 March 2021

bilding – Kunst- und Architektur Werkstatt für Kinder und Jugendliche, Innsbruck
Facebook: bilding, Kunst und Architekturschule
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