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FotoFilmic: Online Masterclass with Mikhael Subotzky


Mikhael Subotzky’s works are the results of his fractured attempts to place himself in relation to the social, historical, and political narratives that surround him. As an artist working in film, video installation, and photography, as well as more recently in collage and painting, Subotzky engages critically with contemporary politics of representation.

This Masterclass will engage with Subotzky’s photographic practice as a core element of all his various ways of working. Sessions will highlight how photography feeds into various modes of making (photography, painting, collage, book-making, filmmaking, etc.) and explore the ways in which each of these practices are distinct as well as interconnected. A mix of lecture, crit, and guest speakers will be employed to provide a broad foundation for photographers looking to expand into other mediums to explore their ideas, ask questions, and gain insight.

Free to apply, $895.00 USD tuition fee.

Deadline 26 February 2021

Twitter: @FotoFilmic
Facebook: @FotoFilmic
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