Cross-Cultural Collaboration Germany-Namibia

Updated: 09 November 2021

Artistic collaborations redefine the art world, they go against individualism and the glorification of the lonely artist. At we believe in community; we want to start conversations and promote dialogues. This is why we created this project, Cross-Cultural Collaboration (CCC).

For each open call, we invite one European artist and one African artist, specifically from countries with a shared colonial past, to collaborate artistically. The choice of pairing countries with a colonial history aims to ignite meaningful conversations. It also provides a common ground for the artists to start their projects.

For this open call, we are looking for one German artist and one Namibian Artist. During the month of January, they will get to know each other through online meetings and activities mediated by a third party, and, eventually, start creating an artistic project. The outcome of this collaboration could be an online exhibition, a presentation, or whatever the collaboration takes the artwork to.

Eligibility: German and Namibian artists.

What you get: Each participant receives a stipend of €600 (€300 + €300 KONJ coins worth ) + meetings with guest faculties, mentoring sessions, daily check in’s and activities.

Deadline 12 December 2021

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