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Call for Creatives - Share your talent with a local school


Artists in Residence (AiR) was founded to raise the profile of the arts in education by connecting creative professionals and arts organisations with schools in areas of deprivation. We have now expanded nationally and are seeking to recruit artists and arts organisations nationwide to share their artistic skills with our schools. We are seeking creative professionals from all fields - Art, design, theatre, music, film and more.

How it works:
- Artists apply via our website and are invited in for an interview.
- AiR then connects the Artists to a school that has requested their field of experience.
- The Artist and the school co-design the project and agree on the number of days, materials,
number of students and dates to deliver the project.
- Projects are usually completed within the space of 6 weeks.
- Projects last for usually 3-4 days.
- Artists are paid by AiR for their work.

Open Deadline

Artists in Residence
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