Tokyo InternInternational Projection Mapping Award 2019


Entries for the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Vol.4 are now open. P.I.C.S. invited Japanese and international artists working with projection mapping to apply for this year's edition of the prize.
The event will be held on the 16th November 2019.
We will provide travel and accommodation for students living abroad up to 4 members per team. From within the submitted works, at the executive judging committee meeting, the awards and granting of major and other prizes will be decided. The total prize money will be 1,000,000 yen:
- Grand Prize Award (Prize money, trophy, award certificate)
- Other Prize Awards (Prize money, trophy, award certificate)
*On occasion the judges may select special awards and prizes.

Deadline 14 June 2019

Twitter: @pics_tokyo
Apply here

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