Data / Set / Match: What Can You Do With An Image Dataset?


We’re looking to award three £1000 commissions for the Media Wall that interrogate and bring new meaning to image datasets. The commissions might address questions such as: What do these image collections look like and how can they be comprehended? How are they generated and created? What image of the world do they promote and what do they fail to represent? How could their use be re-imagined?
These artistic commissions could fall into one of three categories:
1) the creation of a new or speculative photographic dataset, which can be released to the public and shown on the Media Wall;
2) the creation of a display which re-interprets an existing contemporary or historical image dataset; or
3) the adaptation of an existing work which responds to or utilises an existing image dataset.

Deadline 31 July 2019

The Photographers' Gallery
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Twitter: @TPGallery
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