Artist in Residence

FOUNDATION Residency 2019


FOUNDATION invites artists, curators, architects and/or researchers dealing with urban issues in their practice, to take part.
Four participants will be selected by a jury from the pool of applications.
The selected applicants, together with METASITU, the curators of the project, will become the founders of a new city.
They will spend, together, seven days living, discussing, negotiating, and building the foundations of the new city locked up in the exhibition space of DAS ESSZIMMER, without access to the Internet.
The Founders will ‘build’ a new city together, by physically altering the gallery space that they will inhabit for a week, but also establishing bonds between each other during this time.
FOUNDATION will award each selected participant (‘founder’) with a travel grant to cover their transport costs to DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ in Bonn (GER), provide food for the duration of the event, as well as some production material, and offer an artist fee to each participant.

Deadline 15 December 2018

METASITU + Das Esszimmer
Facebook: @metasitu / @das.esszimmer
Twitter: @das_esszimmer
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