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Our website provides you with a platform where you can openly add and save contemporary art events, follow others and comment on things you have seen.

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We would like you to share your thoughts, and join the wider contemporary art discussion whilst being inspired to see art work and visit art venues.

The content on is user-generated, which means the ArtRabbit team and the wider community trusts you to upload correct and relevant material.

We want you to use and enjoy ArtRabbit, just do so appropriately - we ask that you be respectful to the site and anyone else who uses it.

Reporting content

If you find abusive, inappropriate or spam content on the website, then please report it.

When content gets flagged as being inappropriate ArtRabbit will review the content to determine whether or not it violates our Terms. If it does, the content will be removed from our site.

If you have uploaded content on to ArtRabbit, which is then purposefully removed for violating our Terms, you will be notified. Please take this notification seriously and refer to our Terms for reference on appropriate content.


  • exists specifically for the sharing and discovering of contemporary art. If it isn’t contemporary art related, don’t add it to the site!
  • Foul or abusive language is not tolerated on, nor are personal attacks or degrading comments
  • We realise that contemporary art comes in many forms but please don’t post pornographic or sexually explicit content on to ArtRabbit
  • ArtRabbit does not tolerate the posting of spam. This includes untargeted, unwanted or repetitive comments

Enjoy ArtRabbit!

There are plenty of people all over the world sharing their contemporary art events on ArtRabbit, so there is lots to discover.

Don’t forget that you can add your contemporary events to ArtRabbit also, get started!

When you’ve spent time working towards an event or exhibition, it is great to hear what people think. There is a place to leave comments on every event page, so post your feedback and start a contemporary art conversation .

We hope that you enjoy ArtRabbit and all it has to offer!

The ArtRabbit Team