The Manchester Weekender



 Dominic Old

The Vegetable Nannies (appearing as part of Urban Harvest). Photo by Dominic Old.

The Last Of England, 185255, oil on panel, Ford Madox Brown, Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery  Birmingham Museums & Art GalleryJarvis Cocker. Photographer: Rankin.Liz GreenDesperately Seeking Paradise 2 Rashid Rana, 2010, Installation view at Lisson Gallery, London. Courtesy of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection & Art Vantage Ltd (at Cornerhouse, part of Asia Triennial Manchester).

Manchester in October has always had it going on. As if four separate festivals, an art triennial, the opening of high-profile art exhibitions and the start of music and theatre seasons wasn't enough, we've created a full weekend's worth of extra special events. The result? Three days of constant cultural celebration hand-picked for you by Creative Tourist.

The full programme includes more than 70 events, ranging from special screenings and hands-on workshops, inspiring music and quirky fashion to one-off talks and readings, foodie boat trips and cycle rides.

For a full schedule complete with booking information and ideas about where to eat, sleep and chill in Manchester, please visit creativetourist.com