Hai Shuet Yeung MBE: Lines of Thought 

8. Feb - 11. Mar 10 / ended Parfitt Gallery

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Space 19. 2003. Ink and Watercolours on Paper. 162 x 102 cm

Space 19. 2003. Ink and Watercolours on Paper. 162 x 102 cm

In a small still pond the moon is round:
As you look down at the water you see how well shaped it is.
But go to the sea and look at the moon’s reoflection
You find that the same moon is never round.

The Parfitt Gallery is pleased to present Lines of Thought, an exhibition of paintings by Hai Shuet Yeung. Born in China’s Guangdong (Canton) province in 1936 and moving to Hong Kong in 1958, Yeung then moved to England in 1969, setting up home in Grimsby. His distinctive paintings combine aspects of the western tradition with Lingnan style flower and insect paintings, abstract landscapes and fish paintings. Dr Anne Farrer wrote “Hai Shuet Yeung’s intention is to remove the limitations of earlier painting conventions and to find new compositional formulae and pictorial techniques to portray landscape painting which will enable the contemporary artist to express his ‘lines of thought’ or ‘inner feelings’”.

This exhibition brings together a collection of Yeung’s abstract landscapes and flower and insect paintings that draw on ideas of the micro and macro, reflection, both theoretical and visual, allowing the work to reach a point between the abstract and the real. His mountain landscapes allude to the virtual, positioning the viewer aerially, as if we are viewing Google Earth’s satellite imagery, creating a psychogeographical experience.

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