28. Nov - 19. Jan 08 / ended Museum 52



Exhibition | Painting | London

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For his exhibition at Museum 52 Sandner has created a series of works that focus more on doodled/scribbled notes or drawings. These notes are transformed by his painting, but at the same time remain within recognisable proximity with the original. His painting does not change their status, but instead confirms it. However, it is not important to Sandner what the text says or that we ever know the source of the painting. Indeed, despite the suggestion of a carbon copy in paint, above all else Sandner wants the viewer to recognise it as nothing else but painting. He allows at points the paint to dictate the mark making; dribbles run down the canvas and the texture of the brush becomes obvious in certain thicker applications. In contrast Sander also formally stencils relevant sections, thus emphasising his looser mark making. These tactile variations encourage the viewer to recognise Sandner's primary purpose.

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