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Nash House, The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH United Kingdom
T. 02079303647

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Neïl Beloufa, People's passion, lifestyle beautiful wine, gigantic glass towers, all surrounded by water: the superlative high resolution Bed, 2013. Installation Image. Credit: Robert Wedemeyer. Courtesy of the Artist, and François Ghebaly Gallery
24.09.14 - 16.11.14Exhibition ends in 16 days

NeÏl Beloufa: Counting on People


Korakrit Arunanondchai, Solo presentation / Booth Fiac, 2013. Courtesy the artist and C L E A R I N G, New York, Brussels
24.09.14 - 16.11.14Exhibition ends in 16 days

Beware Wet Paint


14.10.14 - 30.11.14Exhibition ends in 30 days

Cybernetic Serendipity


Bethan Laura Wood and Anna Lomax in conversation with Gregor Muir, Culture Now, Jan 2014
26.09.14 - 06.12.14Talk ends in 36 days

Culture Now


Melvin Moti, Eigenlicht (The inner self in outer space), 2012, 35mm film, colour, sound, 18 min. Courtesy of Meyer Riegger Berlin / Karlsruhe
25.09.14 - 31.01.15Screening ends in 92 days

Artists' Film Club


Cybernetic Serendipity Exhibition poster, Institute of Contemporary Art, 2 August – 20 October, 1968 © Cybernetic Serendipity
14.11.14 - 14.11.14Talk begins in 14 days

Culture Now: Jasia Reichardt


15.11.14 - 15.11.14Screening begins in 15 days

Voices from the Underground


16.11.14 - 16.11.14Screening begins in 16 days

The Tin Screen: no.w.here's 10th birthday


Alice Hartley, We’re All Very Disappointed, 2013
26.11.14 - 25.01.15Exhibition begins in 26 days

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014


Petra Cortright True Life: I\'m a Selfie - (Fake True\'s Negativity Remix), 2013 Webcam video, 1 minute 39 sec. Courtesy the artist
05.12.14 - 05.12.14Talk begins in 35 days

Culture Now: Joshua Simon


Julie Verhoeven, photo by Annie Collinge
09.12.14 - 18.01.15Exhibition begins in 39 days

Julie Verhoeven: Whiskers Between My Legs


Institute for Human Activities, Critical Curriculum, 2014
12.12.14 - 12.12.14Talk begins in 42 days

Culture Now: Renzo Martens