Chelsea College of Art & Design,
16 John Islip Street London SW1P 4JU
London SW1P 4JU United Kingdom
T. +44 (0)207 514 6983

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CHELSEA space is a public exhibiting space where invited art and design professionals are encouraged to work on experimental curatorial projects that may not otherwise be realised.

The programme is international and interdisciplinary covering art, design and popular culture. The emphasis is on curatorial experimentation, the exposure of process and ideas, and re-readings of artworks and archives and their re-presentation for contemporary audiences. CHELSEA space is a platform for discussion and questions rather than definitive answers.

CHELSEA space's most dominant architectural feature is its large plate glass window. For this reason the exhibiting space will never be a "white cube" but instead operates more as a vitrine or an animated screen. Even the installation of a show becomes a viewed event and visitors to exhibitions, seen from outside, become part of the show. The ethos at CHELSEA space is welcoming - a meeting place where informal social networks can develop.

CHELSEA space is sited on the Millbank campus of Chelsea College of Art and Design, next to Tate Britain, and provides extra-curricular interest for the school and open access to the widest possible audiences.

Current and forthcoming events

2 Events listed

I.L.E.A Cabinets 'Design for Tableware'
10.09.14 - 31.10.14Exhibition ends in 6 days

A Good Design? Objects from the I.L.E.A/ Camberwell Collection


Bob Cobbing reading 'Are Your Children Safe in the Sea' c.1966-1972.  Photograph: John Bennett
19.11.14 - 19.12.14Exhibition begins in 25 days

Bill Jubobe: Bob Cobbing

  Privateview: Tue 18. Nov, 6-8.30pm