Kettle's Yard

Castle Street
Cambridge CB3 0AQ United Kingdom
T. 01223 748100

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Kettle's Yard is a beautiful house that contains a remarkable collection of modern art. In the house are paintings and sculptures by some of the great names of 20th century art including Brancusi, Miro, Henry Moore, Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Christopher Wood.

* Please note that during 2012, Kettle's Yard had to reschedule planned building work due to technical difficulties. We have decided to undertake a single, larger building project in 2015-6 that will encompass construction of our planned Education Wing. During 2013, the gallery and the house will be open while we prepare for this new scheme. Please go to our website for the latest news. *

Current and forthcoming events

11 Events listed

24.05.14 - 31.08.14Exhibition ends in 8 days

Gustav Metzger: LIFT OFF!


24.08.14 - 24.08.14Workshop begins tomorrow

Studio Sundays


31.08.14 - 31.08.14Workshop begins in 8 days

Studio Sundays


13.09.14 - 23.11.14Exhibition begins in 21 days

Past, Present, Somewhere


13.09.14 - 23.11.14Exhibition begins in 21 days

Gwen Raverat Wood Engravings


13.09.14 - 26.10.14Exhibition begins in 21 days

Issam Kourbaj New Installation


14.09.14 - 14.09.14Workshop begins in 22 days

Studio Sundays


23.09.14 - 18.11.14Workshop begins in 31 days

Look, Make, Talk


28.09.14 - 28.09.14Workshop begins in 36 days

Studio Sundays


02.10.14 - 02.10.14Talk begins in 40 days