Wysing Arts Centre

Fox Road
Cambridge CB23 2TX United Kingdom
T. 01954 718881

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Wysing Arts Centre is a centre for the visual arts. Throughout the year we focus on the development of artists through our studios, international residency programme and commissioning. Wysing is a working site with up to 30 artists present on our 11 acres during week days, and this sets us apart from other arts venues.

At intervals throughout the year we open up the site so that the public can see what we have been doing. This could be in the form of artists? talks, discussions, workshops, exhibitions or special events. We also have two open days a year. The dates of these activities are advertised in local press, through our mailing list, e-bulletins and on our website www.wysingartscentre.org

Current and forthcoming events

4 Events listed

09.08.14 - 09.08.14Conference begins in 11 days

Futurecamp: A Post Gender World


Candice Jacobs \'Pleasure Voyage, re-mixed loops from Ibiza chillout albums\', 2013
30.08.14 - 30.08.14Event begins in 32 days

Space-Time: The Future


The Granchester Pottery, Photo Max Slaven, Courtesy the artists and Wysing
14.09.14 - 02.11.14Exhibition begins in 47 days

The Influence of Furniture on Love


The Grantchester Pottery, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow,  2013. Photo: Max Slaven
14.09.14 - 02.10.14Exhibition begins in 47 days

The Influence of Furniture on Love

  Privateview: Sat 13. Sep, 6pm-8pm