Silent Veil Projects

Anzengruberstr. 7
Berlin 12043 Germany
T. +49 (0) 15140443400

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Silent Veil Agency was conceived as a growing platform for theoretical and practical manifestations of cultural tendencies and artistic expression – currently based in Berlin with further outposts planned in London and other global cities.
As a network we follow an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, providing and creating links, connections, and spaces for the contemporary nomad and pilgrim.
Silent Veil Agency is a creative laboratory-space for communication, interaction and exchange of artistic, cultural, and scientific research that is paramount in realizing new and unique projects.
From day one we focused on finding groups and individuals with whom we could build long-term relationships, willing to discuss and dialectically explore the themes of contemporary living.
As an open and dedicated collective for/of practitioners of all creative and scientific spectrums, we are building and maintaining a myriad of fruitful and effective partnerships, managing networks and creating projects that aim to transcend the boundaries of geographic borders and nationalities whilst also proposing a notion of home for the nomad to dwell, meet, collaborate, and explore without compromising their itinerant being. As Heidegger stated: “A boundary is not that at which something stops but, (…) is that from which something begins its presencing.”

Our creative process is divided in active entities comprising Silent Veil Agency, Silent Veil Projects and forthcoming Silent Veil Magazine. Our Agency develops inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships, these networks and structures enhance a facile conception, contextualization and realization of discussions, forums, theory-based-work, and exhibitions; our curatorial branch – Silent Veil Projects – manages their realization. In cooperation with our clients, partners and collaborators, Silent Veil Projects not only stages exhibitions but also provides the structure to write about and promote events. Silent Veil aims to expand, to cover all without suffocation, simultaneously pollenating and potentiating the experience of art and cultural practice in our contemporary society.

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