Buy and rent art from Rise Art just in time for Christmas
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Mark Westhall

Mark Chadwick SPIN PAINTING 24

In October I read an interesting article in The New York Times about a site that let/let's ordinary people rent art from as little as $25 a month and I thought how cool it would be if we could find the same thing in London.

And now you can, Rise Art have started renting art from £25 a month and it's not just cool and upcoming art you can rent (which is pretty cool) but because of their partner collaborations with hip young galleries (TAG, WW and Parasol) and art fairs you can rent artists such as David Hockney Takashi Murakami and Banksy as well.

Takashi Murakami And then and then and rust red

The other great thing about the partner program is there is a lot of choice when thinking about Christmas presents and they even have a Collections section including art for under £100 and my favourite curious spaces to help you buy something interesting and unique for family and friends.

Adam Gale Beetle 2 Only £90

Tahnee Lonsdale: Dolls Day City

Art Rabbit readers can enter code: ARTRABBIT on checkout to receive £10 off any purchase across the site.

Learn More: www.riseart.com