FAD + Beach London at The Other Art Fair: Performance Art, Original Artwork Books, Editions plus Magazines


Mark Westhall

Vanessa Mitter The Other Art Fair May 2012

Vanessa Mitter 'Aesthetics of Emptiness manifesto'Gerald Curtis Studio ChessJames Gardiner 2:29Jack Catling Echoing the invisible #5

From 22nd - 25th November 2012 Beach London and FAD will be sharing a space at The Other Art fair.

Beach London will be showcasing the work of a wide range of affordable books from small-press publishers as well as numbered print editions and original artworks for sale.

If Only You could See What I've Seen, With Your Eyes

On the Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd FAD will be producing the performance event: 'If Only You Could See What I've Seen, With Your Eyes' (A quote from Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, where a replica meets his maker).

Curated by Chantelle Purcell and Mark Westall

FAD will be programming an event which will bring together four artists; Vanessa Mitter, Gerald Curtis, James Gardiner and Jack Catling. The artists have each been asked to respond to the title, activating social exchange through two days of live performances.

Have the seductive images and signs of contemporary culture and phenomenon of the virtual communities become realer than the real? Are contemporary subjects becoming less and less connected to each other and reality? FAD will disseminate the orders of simulation within the hyperreal culture of today. Exploring the circuit between the real and the imaginary.

See the full programme of curated events here.