Elemental Perspectives 

5. Sep - 27. Sep 14 / ended ARTHOUSE1


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Exhibition | Painting | London

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Fusion. Oil & synthetic resin on canvas, 76 x 76cm

Fusion. Oil & synthetic resin on canvas, 76 x 76cm

Elemental Perspectives

Complexity in nature and natural form: Elemental Perspectives touches on the tactile nature of sensory experience.

Ione Parkin, RWA, ‘The paintings in this show celebrate the beauty of the raw elements of nature – I seek inspiration from varied sources - from visions of the expanding universe to…direct encounter with the physicality of the natural environment.’ Freelance writer, David Metcalfe wrote this of Ione’s painting, “Parkin’s works are deeply rooted in her personal experience of landscape and are realised through her highly tactile involvement in the action of painting. Parkin seeks to convey in paint…the sensations she experiences from her physical exploration of the natural world. Her approach to image-making often echoes that exploration. Investigatory activity – sifting pebbles, clawing clay and earth, touching tree-bark and foliage – helps create a body-memory of a particular experience.”.

James Oughtibridge, MA, RCA ‘My work is constructed with numerous planes and perspectives, allowing the onlooker to look inside to a world of contorted shadows. Sculptures often appear to float, with no visible flat base creating a tension with their surroundings. The structures, initially overpowering, hold delicate and enticing surfaces. The many hours I spend refining, scraping and sanding the clay creates gentle flowing curves.’

Floating, flowing, sifting, plunging – all words of the pleasurable tactile experience of our surroundings. This heuristic approach to experiencing our environment is one of the sensory pleasures that can develop into a fascination with tactile surfaces. Ione and James invite you to remember your own experiences with those sensations.

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